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Product Review: Cloud V Electro Portable E-nail

Cloud V Electro Cannabis Now Magzine
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Product Review: Cloud V Electro Portable E-nail

Introducing the fully temperature controlled portable e-nail.

When it comes to dabbing, modern-day concentrate enthusiasts typically have two choices – utilize a vape pen or go with a dab rig and nail combination. However, with the Cloud V Electro portable e-nail, members of the 710 nation can now comfortably explore the full duality of dabbing.

This portable product incorporates both an electric base and a glass vapor path. With two heat settings, 800º and 1000º, we recommend the Electro for the terpiest BHO in your dab stockpile. The nail on the Electro heats up quickly and the aqua bubbler attachment delivers smooth consistent hits. For those having trouble choosing between a vape pen or a dab rig, the Electro finds the perfect middle point – destination dab central.

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