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Meet the Mobius Commercial Cannabis Trimmer

Mobius M108S


Meet the Mobius Commercial Cannabis Trimmer

Regarded as the most technologically advanced bud trimmer on the market, the Mobius M108S is designed for large-scale growers without compromising output volume or speed.

Trimming is one of the most integral steps of cannabis and hemp manufacturing. As cultivators know, it can also be the most labor-and time-intensive stage. The ability to process materials quickly, gently and cost-effectively can be the difference between a high-performing, revenue-generating cannabis producer and one that struggles to survive. And while hand-trimming is the preferred method for smaller boutique farms, commercial-scale facilities need a machine that can produce high-quality trimmed cannabis without sacrificing production volume or speed. Using next-generation technology, the Mobius M108S commercial cannabis trimmer is helping cannabis producers not only survive in this competitive marketplace but thrive.

Mobius M108S
The M108S commercial cannabis trimmer

Cutting-Edge Trim Technology

The M108S commercial cannabis trimmer uses the latest patented technologies not found on other trim machines, enabling it to produce hand-trimming quality with minimal losses. 

Feed rates for a single machine range from 30-60 pounds per hour for dry material, and 66-120 pounds per hour for wet material. Intelligent design means no need to change the tumbler between wet and dry trimming. 

“Built for large-scale cannabis and hemp cultivators who demand high-quality trimmed cannabis without sacrificing production volume or speed, the M108S is revolutionizing trim rooms around the world,” Jared Penner, post-harvest sales associate at Mobius, told Cannabis Now.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes the M108S commercial cannabis trimmer so revolutionary. 

Hand Trim Results at Commercial Scale

First up is the Mobius AirThread Tension Tumbler, which uses patented technology to deliver hand-trim quality with minimal losses. 

Three independent helical blades within the tumbler’s chamber are calibrated side-by-side to ensure scissor-like precision every time you operate. Flowers are given three point-cut opportunities with each pass of the tumbler, meaning the product is trimmed faster. It also minimizes the risk of impact damage, so those important trichomes stay on the flower where they belong.

Using spring tension to maintain a perfectly cylindrical shape, the Mobius AirThread Tension Tumbler provides full access to the blades, allowing for a faster trim time. Flowers spend less time in the tumbler, thanks to more than 50% increased access to blades compared to traditional tumbler designs. 

No Waste, No Fuss

The unique integrated trim separation system has a distinctive curved design and smooth internal surfaces. This feature yields top-quality trim that’s perfect for use in both extracts and pre-rolls. It also means there’s less surface area to collect resin, reducing both cleaning time and resin loss.

On the subject of cleaning, the M108S commercial cannabis trimmer was designed with maximum productivity in mind. The AirThread Tension Tumbler, bed knives and helical blades can all be switched out during a trimming session for ideal performance and continued trimming. This optimized workflow allows you to install clean components without stopping.

You’re In Control

The M108S commercial cannabis trimmer is perfect for large facilities that cultivate multiple strains with different characteristics. The variable function system can be tailored to any moisture level, strain type or end-product specifications to reach your ideal output with consistency and reliability.

Effortlessly switch between airy, dry sativas and dense, fresh indicas with the flick of a switch. The state-of-the-art equipment means you have complete control over the trimming procedure and confidence in your lab results.

Ready to scale up? You can easily double your productivity by connecting a second M108S in tandem. Tests have shown that using two trimmers in tandem results in a faster feed rate and a greater yield of top-quality trimmed flower. Setting up the M108S for tandem bud trimming requires no extra components, as the machines securely lock in with each other in just a few simple steps.

Quantity and Quality

The Mobius M108S commercial cannabis trimmer is made from premium components of anodized aluminum and 304 stainless steel and easily breaks down by hand. This means no need for extra tools.

Additionally, all Mobius equipment has a money-back guarantee and is ready for integration into GMP facilities and designed to meet health and safety regulatory requirements. Mobius also offers free workflow design and automation configuration services for automation suite purchases. 

In the competitive cannabis marketplace, having the right equipment can mean the difference between thriving and surviving. Connect with an expert from Mobius today and see how the most technologically advanced bud trimmer in the cannabis industry can impact your trim room.

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