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Mobius Cannabis Mill Grinds to Perfection

Mobius Cannabis Mill
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Mobius Cannabis Mill Grinds to Perfection

Pack your pre-rolls with perfectly milled cannabis every time, and keep happy customers coming back for more with the Mobius M60 Cannabis Mill.

According to the latest data, cannabis consumers are flocking to pre-rolls. In 2021, the category grew 39% from 2020, generating $1.42 billion in sales in key markets—stealing third place from edibles in the highest-revenue categories. If you’re a producer looking to expand your existing product offerings, you might want to consider pre-rolls. But keep in mind that not all pre-rolls are created equal. To keep customers coming back for more, high-quality pre-rolls must be smooth and consistent. Having a tool like the new M60 Cannabis Mill from Mobius will help you produce the highest quality hemp or cannabis pre-rolls. 

Without degrading cannabinoids or terpenes, the M60 Mill perfectly grinds cannabis to uniform particle size. Built for smaller to medium-sized throughput production, the M60 Mill is a scaled-down version of Mobius’ premier commercial M210 Mill. This means it features similar proprietary technology without taking up as much valuable space in trim rooms. Both machines use slow rotational rates to reduce heat degradation and precise cutting meshes to keep particle sizes constant without losing any THC.

“We’re excited to fit full-scale technology into our M60 Mill,” Amanda James, director of strategy at Mobius, said in a press release. “It empowers smaller pre-roll and extract producers to achieve a top-quality grind at a much lower price point.”

A Smart Choice

Measuring 16″ W x 13″ L x 23″ H, the M60 Cannabis Mill can process up to 20 pounds of dry flower per hour. It’s compact and efficient—perfect for varying sizes of cultivators. James says the machine is ideal for a wide range of established businesses, as well as “market entrants looking to access the pre-roll niche.”

The M60 is made of stainless steel and offers tool-free disassembly that simplifies cleaning and maintenance. To maintain production and reduce downtime, the cannabis mill can be thoroughly cleaned in 10 minutes by hand or with a pressure washer, while screens can be replaced in under a minute.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes the M60 Cannabis Mill so appealing.  

Consistency Is King

The cannabis industry is highly competitive, and consistency is paramount for retaining loyal customers. Precision milling technology at the core of the M60 Cannabis Mill ensures that flower is ground to the exact size needed to create perfect pre-rolls every single time. Pre-rolls are filled with particles that are ultra-consistent. Interchangeable screens enable the flower to be ground to 2mm, 3mm, or even custom sizes. 

The low speed of the mill combined with the distinctive design of the proprietary Rasp Screen guarantees no heat degradation. The end product is always finely ground flower for joints that burn evenly and smoothly.

Keep Cool

Excessive heat produced by conventional cannabis mills destroys high-value cannabinoids and terpenes. The oils in hemp and cannabis plants are exhilarated by heat, resulting in quality degradation. The machine becomes stickier and more challenging to clean due to friction-generated heat. 

Mobius mills, on the other hand, use low-friction internal mechanisms to maximize potency and smokeability while preventing temperature rise. To put it another way, a lower speed is kinder to the product. 

Made for More Than Pre-Rolls

The M60 can be used for more than just grinding flower for pre-roll preparation. The variable speed operation and infinite screen configurations of this commercial cannabis mill make it the perfect choice for other applications that require precisely ground flower, including extracts and fresh frozen. 

  • Extract Production: The M60 Mill gives you complete control over your products as you prepare for extraction. You can streamline your workflow for various extraction procedures, including ethanol, CO2, and hydrocarbon ones, with the help of the numerous screen options available. 
  • Fresh Frozen Flower: Run the M60 Mill in a cryogenic environment for the most potent fresh frozen product. Deliver high-quality fresh-frozen products with complete trichome and terpene profiles using additional milling screens for coarse and ultra-coarse chunking.

Quality You Can Count On

A team of expert engineers first put Mobius on the map with their flagship product, the M108S trimmer. The company has since become an industry leader in post-harvest cannabis and hemp automation equipment. Its range of products includes trimmers, conveyors, sorters and mills designed to fix production problems faced by cannabis processors. 

All Mobius equipment has a money-back guarantee and is ready for integration into GMP facilities. Additionally, Mobius offers free workflow design and automation configuration services for automation suite purchases. 

Pre-rolls are a low-risk option for canna-curious customers exploring new cultivar options, plus they make excellent up-sells and promotional add-ons. If you are interested in adding perfect pre-rolls to your product lineup, then contact Mobius today. 

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