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Miss Mary Jane Co. Offers Fierce Female Style

A rack of pot leggings with the branding Miss Mary Jane Co. at a store.


Miss Mary Jane Co. Offers Fierce Female Style

Those who wear Miss Mary Jane Co. love cannabis and are not afraid to show it. Catering to fierce females everywhere, the company features a line of vibrant marijuana-print leggings alongside other apparel and accessories including glass and nail decals that are stylish, cute and girly.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Miss Mary Jane Co. got its start when Madison Alvarez – the face of the company  – and her boyfriend and business partner Daniel Maldonado, saw girls posting pictures of themselves smoking on Instagram and recognized an opportunity. While there are plenty of big T-shirts with sayings like “Kush Queen” on them, there was a lack of brands for females in the cannabis community, Madison says.

“We wanted to create something that girls could identify with,” she says.

Using Instagram as a platform to model her clothes and lifestyle, Madison and Dan started attended their first event with products, the 7/10 Cup, three months later. The first item was a snapback hat with the word “Dab” and the brand has since expanded, garnering almost 40,000 Instagram followers and a loyal army of tokers.

Wearing Miss Mary Jane Co. shows a comfort with your choices to smoke cannabis and embrace a role as an “independent, hard working bad b*tch,” Madison says.

“[The clothing is] definitely a statement, especially with all the laws changing,” she says.

The bright, trendy gear stands out and is fun to wear. Miss Mary Jane Co.’s mission statement is to support other women and often showcases the work of female glassblowers in its product line. The website, Madison says, is a one stop shop of “everything girly for the cannabis smoker.”

“We want to be the first,” she says. “We always want to be innovative and creating something new and different that stands out.”

Are you a woman who wears marijuana-themed clothing? Tell us about your style in the comments below.

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