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Meet THC-free: The Latest Innovation from Dosist

Gunner Winston CEO of dosist
Gunner Winston, CEO of dosist, in their Abbot Kinney store.


Meet THC-free: The Latest Innovation from Dosist

Dosist expands offerings with thc-free, a new line of cbd and high concentration formulas targeting key benefits without THC.

Transparency, quality, innovation and trust are four of the most important cornerstones of building brand loyalty. And in the realm of cannabis, this sentiment is paramount. Companies that provide education and innovation with their product portfolios are the brands that see repeat customers and hold on to coveted positions at the top of the game. 

Dosist is one such company. Founded in 2016, the modern wellness company is globally recognized for their dose-controlled cannabis therapy, used to help people manage their health and happiness. According to Gunner Winston, CEO of dosist, the company’s fundamental premise is improving people’s lives. The team works hard to destigmatize the negative stereotypes around cannabis and cannabis consumers, breaking down decades of the ‘reefer madness’ reinforcement around cannabis prohibition.

“Cannabis is such a wonderful plant that we owe it to the world to make it more understood and more trusted. That’s really important,” Winston said.

Trust and Transparency 

Dosist is a lifestyle performance brand, meaning “when you sleep better, you perform better the next day,” said Winston, explaining that when people are able to find time to relax, whether it’s at night or during the day, they can consequently perform better in their endeavors. 

“People need to realize that controlled amounts of cannabis can be very helpful to your life,” he said. “Our goal is to really take cannabis, which is this gift from Mother Nature, and then make it accessible and more powerful to everybody.” 

Dosist focuses on providing customers with education around the benefits of cannabis, rather than marketing its products.  

“Cannabis can be an absolutely wonderful and powerful experience for so many different people. Dosist helps people know that it’s OK to step inside this category. Then, once you’re here, there are a variety of other products in the category.” 

Product Innovation 

For nearly five years, dosist’s proprietary pen has been delivering dose-controlled, THC-powered cannabinoid therapy via disposable vape pens, each one finely tuned to meet customer needs.  

And as cannabis continues to evolve, so too has dosist’s product portfolio. To meet the needs of cannabis consumers, dosist developed an innovative line of consumption verticals including a new range of wellness-focused sublingual drops. The drops, available in sleep, calm, and relief, are offered under their new label, dosist thc-free, marking dosist’s official entry into the CBD marketplace. To provide ease of access to customers, dosist also launched its first e-Commerce platform, which ships the THC-free line nationwide. 

In true dosist style, cannabinoid therapy has been taken one step further with the addition of more isolates, including CBG and CBN, to its hemp-derived thc-free blends. Additionally, a proprietary self-microemulsifying drug delivery system (SMEDDS) enhances the formula’s bioavailability to increase the drops’ efficacy and efficiency.  

“Consumers want different consumption options, and they want different formats,” Winston explained. “Some people appreciate the benefits and fast-acting elements of inhalation. Other people prefer an edible. Some people that prefer not to ingest anything at all will want a topical. We try to bring innovative and differentiated controlled products to the market to give consumers more accessibility and choice.” 

Winston believes fundamental obstacles exist for people who might be interested in cannabis but are “nervous about THC, and who might prefer THC-free products.”  

A range of gummies that utilize the company’s nanotechnology will first be introduced in California in the new year, and then rolled out across the country in both THC and THC-free options. 

Issues around pollution and waste in the cannabis industry need to be addressed by all manufacturers to create a more sustainable sector. Dosist recognized this as an opportunity for innovation and developed a new rechargeable pen — the dose controller – to sit alongside their original disposable pen and other products on dispensary shelves in California, Canada, Nevada and Colorado. 

The Importance of Regulated Products 

It’s no secret that the vape crisis of 2019 made a lot of vape pen enthusiasts nervous about their chosen method of consumption. Black market THC products created a public health problem that resulted in 60 deaths and more than 2,711 hospitalized cases reported from a vaping-related pulmonary illness, which swept across the country. The situation was a tragic reminder that while everyone may not agree with the finer details, regulated markets give consumers access to safer products. 

“These kinds of things happen when governments continue to allow unregulated markets,” said Winston, who believes responsible regulations are important. 

“If you don’t have regulated products, and you’re putting something in your body, it’s very, very risky,” he said. “People are going to find a way to use cannabis. It’s been shown. So, stomping out the illicit market in favor of a regulated market is really, really important.”

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