Join in the Protestival at Seattle Hempfest

The world’s largest cannabis gathering, Seattle Hempfest, will celebrate a quarter century of advocacy at the three-day affair set for August 19, 20 and 21. Hempfest is a free, volunteer-run event that takes place along the waterfront at Myrtle Edwards State Park. The annual gathering, billed by organizers as a “protestival,” always includes a lineup of insightful speakers addressing various topics surrounding cannabis reform and also provides a place for marijuana enthusiasts to get festive for our favorite flower. Below are some images from previous events that should give you an idea of what to expect at this year’s party.

1. hempfest-CannabisNow-1

2. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-13

3. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-2

4. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-8

5. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-30

6. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-7

7. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-4

8. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-15

9. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-29

10. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-12

11. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-6

12. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-9

13. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-16

14. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-18

15. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-26

16. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-3

17. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-14

18. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-24

19. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-10

20. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-25

21. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-31

22. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-27

23. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-11

24. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-28

25. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-21

26. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-5

27. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-19

28. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-17

29. hempfest-CannabisNow-1-23

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