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The best and biggest cannabis events across the country this summer.

The calendars of cannabis industry celebrities must be overflowing — since a wave of legalization began to sweep the country in 2012, it seems as if there’s a Cannabis Cup, festival or conference happening every weekend of the year.

No season is more packed with juicy cannabis events than summer, and as everyone knows, the longest days of the year are best spent with like-minded friends, sunshine and unlimited access to some of the best cannabis products around.

Here’s Cannabis Now’s list of the best cannabis events coming up for summer 2017.

Champs Las Vegas
July 18-20

The organizers of last year’s Champs Las Vegas trade show boast that they saw, “the largest amount of store buyers at any show worldwide.” The business-to-business expo is entirely free for registered buyers to attend, but is not open to the public. Champs Las Vegas fills the convention floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center with booths for wholesalers, as well as with discounted booths for artisans displaying their one-of-a-kind products. While Champs also hosts trade shows in cities such as Denver, Atlantic City and Orlando, Las Vegas is the flagship event and a summer fixture, just a block away from the Vegas strip.

Indo Expo
August 5, 6

In early August, Indo Expo brings both a day of business-to-business exhibitions and a day of career support for the general public to the vibrant city of Portland. Drawing hundreds of companies from Washington, Oregon and California, Indo Expo steps above other B2B expos by providing educational seminars, networking opportunities and workshops to public attendees, with tickets available for $30 with advanced purchase.

Seattle Hempfest
August 18-20

Finish off your summer with the self-proclaimed “undisputed King of Protestivals.”

Seattle Hempfest is a classic festival guaranteed to deliver big name speakers and performers, a wide assortment of vendors and large crowds. Situated in a park alongside the Puget Sound and within spitting distance of the Space Needle, Seattle Hempfest is a beautiful celebration of cannabis in one of the pioneering adult-use states.

TELL US, are you planning to attend any cannabis events this summer?

Julia Clark-Riddell is the Associate Editor of Cannabis Now. As a born-and-raised Oakland, California native, she's concerned with making sure the cannabis industry matures in an empathetic, equitable and sustainable manner. She has previously written for In These Times Magazine, the Santa Barbara Independent, The Saturday Star in Johannesburg and elsewhere, and has worked in various capacities for Cannabis Now since she was a student intern. Julia has a BSJ in journalism and political science from Northwestern University.

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