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Jane West Raises $1M in Capital, Launches Modern Glassware Collection

Jane West Cannabis Now
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Jane West Raises $1M in Capital, Launches Modern Glassware Collection

Jane West is a leading cannabis activist, a co-founder of Women Grow, and an entrepreneur with an event production company and her own eponymous brand.
And now, she’s also a glass designer.

Over the last year, West and her team have collaborated with Grav Labs, an Austin-based scientific developer of high-quality glass pipes and accessories, to produce her own line of glass products. (Grav is the brains behind pipes like the Helix, the Stax, and the Upline, among others.)

“I’m on a mission to find other amazing companies in the cannabis space who love what they do, and everyone at Grav Labs loves glass,” West says. “From the very beginning of the creative process, we had a very consistent shared vision of what we wanted to bring to the market.”

Out of the collaboration, the two companies created five different glass pieces, each in a rich shade of cobalt blue, the result of combining pure silica with cobalt ore. Blue is one of West’s favorite colors. “It really matches well with so many other color palettes including white, black, red, pink, and yellow,” she says. “It’s a really great gender-neutral first color, and it’s as universal as denim.”

But the color also has a practical purpose: Because it’s so deep and opaque, the glass always looks clean.

Jane West Cannabis Now

“Lighter colors and whites really highlight any tarring and staining on the glass,” West points out.

The new line includes the beaker, a 10-inch tabletop piece with a precision downstem and hard-finished joints, and the onesie, a one-inch, low-profile one hitter. There’s also the bubbler (a water filtration pipe), the steamroller (a traditional one-piece), and the spoon (a spoon pipe).

“We really put a lot of thought into the ergonomics of the pieces and how they feel in your hands,” West says.”That’s one thing the users are consistently telling us they love about these sophisticated well-made, ‘heavy in your hand’ pieces.”

When designing the new line, West says utility and sophisticated designs were her biggest priorities. She also had a specific kind of customer in mind: herself.

“I wanted to have sophisticated items in my home for entertaining with cannabis,” she says. “I wanted our bongs to look more like modern decanters and to be a more petite size.”

Overall, she went for an “I Dream of Jeannie” feel, producing pipes and bongs that would look at home alongside glassware, wine bottles, and other modern decor.

Starting Nov. 1, customers will be able to purchase the Jane West Collection by GRAV online from West’s e-store, which also features Cannabis Basics soaks, Pax vaporizers, books, and clothing and other accessories. Over the last year, the brand has secured more than $1 million in capital financing, which helped launch the GRAV line and will help West and her team create more products in the near future, including glassware in new colors and other items.

“Now that we have the glass line established, I want to come out with a line of products for on-the-go mobile use,” West says. “I want to design items that you throw in your purse right alongside your Chapstick and other daily needs.”

Do you like to purchase smoking accessories that are also stylish?

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