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Built By Girls, Powered By Plants, Made For Everyone

TribeTokes Delta-8 products
Delta-8 products from TribeTokes. PHOTO Tribetokes.


Built By Girls, Powered By Plants, Made For Everyone

Meet TribeTokes, the women-run clean cannabis brand taking the East Coast by storm.

Cannabis legalization is leading to more experimentation around the ways we consume cannabis. With so many options out there (good and bad), it’s refreshing to know some companies truly care—companies that are dedicated to creating the healthiest product possible. TribeTokes is one such company.

Founded in 2017 by CEO Degelis Tufts Pilla and CMO Kymberly Byrnes, the health-focused brand creates Delta-8 THC products for people seeking a relaxing experience that feels less “heady.” Pilla and Byrnes launched the company out of their own desire for a vapable cannabis product that didn’t irritate the way flower smoke often can, without sacrificing what they love about cannabis flower.

No Frills or Fillers

Since Colorado legalized cannabis back in 2012, it seems like we went from special brownies being somewhat of a kitchen science fair, to well-labeled gummies that could leave you feeling anxious if you ate more than half. However, even well-labeled packages can be misleading if the cooks aren’t properly testing the product with each batch from harvest to the moment it’s packaged and sent out. 

All the ladies at TribeTokes (and COO Greg Pilla, Degelis’ husband) watched as many vapes contained harmful materials, including heavy metals, Vitamin E acetate, fillers and other additives not intended for smoking. They’ve been working closely with farmers and chemists alike to put out a healthy array of CBD and Delta-8 THC products without any of the unnecessary additives. All laboratory analysis for TribeTokes products are available on their website under the About Us tab. 

“To us, cannabis is a wellness category, so there is no place for unhealthy fillers in vapes, pesticides in flower, high fructose corn syrup in edibles, or artificial fragrances in topicals,” Pilla told Cannabis Now. “We started with clean vaping because it was such an obvious problem to tackle in the industry.” 

TribeTokes founders and CEO Degelis Tufts Pilla (R) and CMO Kymberly Byrnes (L). PHOTO TribeTokes.

After taking clean vapes, CBD and Delta-8 into their own hands about five years ago, TribeTokes was pushing for the development of the cleanest product they could bring to tokers like you. It wasn’t until two years later that we witnessed the problems that come with adding fillers and unconventional extraction methods. In 2019 the Evali outbreak was recognized by the CDC as they started investigating the link to electronic cigarettes and vape-associated lung injuries. They found a link to Vitamin E acetate fillers that were cheap ways to extend the shelf life of THC vapes.

At this time, Rolling Stone and Forbes took notice of the ladies at TribeTokes for using natural ingredients. To extend the shelf life of their vapes, serums and gummies TribeTokes instead uses terpenes, the compounds found in cannabis that are responsible for creating the variety in taste and smell. Using these methods doesn’t just add to the health benefits, but also to the overall quality of TribeTokes products.

TribeTokes is dedicated to a customer experience that is reflected by transparency in their hard work. The company shows you that you’ll be in safe hands using their CBD or Delta-8 THC products and you will likely experience the same feelings of relaxation and happiness that you look for when consuming cannabis. And as the company’s products are derived from hemp, you can easily buy them online.

CBD of All Kinds

The main driver of TribeTokes has been CBD in all shapes and sizes—including Delta-8 THC. Often referred to as “diet weed,” Delta-8 THC is growing in popularity, partly because it’s actually derived from CBD and its more well-known cousin, Delta-9 THC. Delta-8 has many of the same effects as Delta-9, but it’s intrinsically less strong. Delta-9 products will soon be available to TribeTokes fans in Massachusetts.

With so many growers aiming for the strongest product, it seems fewer are focused on the complete experience of the consumer. With the whole TribeTokes team working behind clean Delta-8 usage, you can feel great knowing the extraction process takes enough safe steps to ensure you’ll be satisfied. 

Women Behind The Weed

Since the launch of their business, Pilla and Byrnes have had premium, healthy marijuana on their minds. After meeting at an NYC Women Grow event, both ladies realized they were heading down the same path of making clean CBD products for a tribe of people that’s had enough of the risks that come with using fillers and pesticides in weed products. Together, Byrnes, Degelis Pilla and Greg Pilla have combined their superpowers in fitness, CBD, business and plant-based medicine to create the tribe they sought to build early on. 

A longtime plant medicine enthusiast, Pilla has been the CFA and CEO since the company took off in 2017. Her experience working as COO of several other start-ups provided her with the wherewithal to drive TribeTokes to the next level of clean plant-based products.

In addition to her role as CMO at TribeTokes, Byrnes also serves on the advisory board for The Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition and is a longtime advocate for clean cannabis and psilocybin use. A former High Times judge, it’s clear Byrnes knows her stuff when it comes to quality.

Dr. Lynn Parodneck, TribeTokes’ medical advisor. PHOTO TribeTokes.

TribeTokes’ Commitment to Patient Wellbeing

Alongside the distinguished team running the show at TribeTokes, you’ll find Dr. Lynn Parodneck, who serves as the brand’s medical advisor. She brings a trustworthy 20 years of medical marijuana experience and currently serves over 500 current patients. Parodneck has been a trusted source for NY Daily News, NPR, Mashable, and Good Housekeeping and she continues to spread awareness on how medical marijuana can be a safe alternative to many other potentially risky prescription medications. 

Pilla and Byrnes first met Dr. Parodneck at various cannabis community events in New York, including Women Grow and Cannagather. 

“We hit it off on a personal level, but also respected how she has been helping patients in need to get their medical cards way before it was mainstream,” Pilla said.

Pilla and Byrnes invited Dr. Parodneck to be a medical advisor to formalize their relationship. From there, they started a “Pot Luck” program for those who are very sick, Veterans and/or below the poverty level and need CBD. Dr. Parodneck provides a consultation screening and TribeTokes donates and ships $500+ worth of products. Patients also have access to a 50% off code for life to use on the site. 

Nothing shows the deep passion and compassion of TribeTokes like having Dr. Lynn Parodneck join the team of women committed to powering healthy CBD-derived products. Since the Compassionate Care Act of New York passed, Dr. Parodneck has been helping patients understand how the body interacts with CBD, THC and other organic substances. To serve those who are experiencing a green card-qualifying medical condition, she’s been using TribeTokes as a brand partner. The benefit of that to many of us is that CBD, and in many states Delta-8, is not restricted at all. This means you can order most of TribeTokes products directly to your door. 

Large groups of cannabis companies swooped in while legalization was being enacted across the US. Some saw an opportunity for profit, while others looked to progress the world of weed, driving the community as a whole. For years, TribeTokes and its founders have been a large part of this community as they continue to drive innovation forward in the clean-vaping world. Combined with years of business experience, TribeTokes is a company with the knowledge to create premium products worth what it costs. 

If you want to join the Tribe today, readers of Cannabis Now can get 20% off your first order with code TRIBE20 when you checkout

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