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Flora Hemp Spirits Is Changing Social Drinking

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Flora Hemp Spirits Is Changing Social Drinking

Zero-calorie cannabinoid-based mixers and mocktails allow consumers to join in the ritual of socialized drinking with the world’s first all-natural, alcohol-free cannabinoid-based spirits.

Visiting your favorite restaurant or bar isn’t the same when you’re devoted to sober weekdays or a dry January. Navigating life as sober-curious may indeed have its challenges, but the good folks at Flora Hemp Spirits are changing that. Their zero-calorie cannabinoid-based mixers and mocktails—cannacocktails as they call them—allow consumers to join in on the ritual of socialized drinking without loads of sugar or a dreaded hangover.

In 2019, hospitality veterans and mixologists Adam Peabody and Danny Jahnke noticed they were selling an abundance of traditional mocktails and wondered why there weren’t more options on the market. Ordering a non-alcoholic pina colada or mimosa without champagne is hardly creative and delivers nothing remarkable to consumers. After lengthy conversations, the duo discussed ways to fill the gap between mindful drinking and cannabis while redefining the adult beverage drinking experience. Being the life of the party doesn’t mean you have to be drunk.

When Peabody and Jahnke joined forces in 2019, they dreamt of creating a new social experience for non-drinkers—something that allows designated drivers to unwind and relax with their friends, but without a drop of alcohol. Their solution? Cannabinoids. Within months, the pair founded Flora Hemp Spirits, which became the world’s first all-natural, alcohol-free, cannabinoid-based spirits. An alcohol alternative was born.

Flora Hemp Spirits
Flora Hemp Spirits founders Danny Jahnke and Adam Peabody.

Wellness Beverages Made Simple

All of Flora Hemp Spirits products are made from natural botanicals and herbs, formulated to give anyone who doesn’t want to drink options beyond the typical mixed drinks. Even if you’re hitting the bottle while out on the town, you can use their products to curtail your consumption of cocktails. Drinking a few Flora Essence mocktails between alcoholic beverages will help avoid hangovers and save your tomorrow.

Flora Hemp Spirits has three distinct products to choose from: Essence, which includes CBD for a relaxing effect; Delta-8, which offers a mild THC high; and their line of canned mocktails featuring CBD and Delta-9 THC for easy enjoyment.  Regardless of which one you reach for, each product offers a revolutionary, hangover and alcohol-free drinking experience that allows you to mix cannabinoids the same way you would mix a drink.

Flora Hemp Spirit: Essence

Made with your wellness in mind, Flora Essence is a sophisticated, hemp-derived spirit that you can think of like a bottle of gin or vodka (but without the alcohol, of course) to recreate your favorite cocktails. Download their free recipe book to try new cannacocktails. Made with only five all-natural ingredients, Essence gives new meaning to “drink to good health.” Zero calories and fast-acting, each 2-ounce serving contains 25 mg of water-soluble CBD, allowing you to relax and unwind while preventing any morning volcanoes from erupting in your head.   

Flora Hemp Spirit: Delta-8

Like Flora Essence, Flora Delta-8 can be substituted for vodka or gin in your favorite cocktail recipe. But Flora Delta-8 delivers a refined alcohol-free mocktail with a mild THC high. One of the advantages of Flora spirits is their mixability and ease of cannabinoid dosage. There’s 25mg of fast-acting water-soluble Delta-8 THC in a 2-ounce serving. It’s also made with all-natural ingredients and contains zero sugar or calories.

Flora Hemp Spirits
Flora Hemp Spirits is the world’s first all-natural, alcohol-free, cannabinoid-based spirit brand.

Flora Canned Mocktails

Passion Fruit “Margarita” + Blueberry “Moscow Mule”

Crafted by award-winning mixologists and using only the freshest ingredients, Flora’s Passion Fruit “Margarita” and Blueberry “Moscow Mule” canned offerings are perfect for easy enjoyment. Sold in a four-pack of single-serving cans, you can enjoy them straight out of the can or on ice with a salted rim. Each can includes 5mg of Delta-9 THC and 10mg of CBD, delivering a relaxed, mild THC high, perfect for your next social engagement, or even for a little boost of energy to get in the zone and knock out chores around the house. Both flavors are low-calorie and include fresh ingredients for premium flavor. With shipping available in all 50 states, you’ll surely want to stock up on these.

Steam Distillation Process

Being the world’s first all-natural, alcohol-free, cannabinoid-based spirits isn’t the only thing differentiating Flora Hemp Spirits—their use of a copper pot steam distillation process is another factor. Steam distillation extracts plants’ terpenes, essential oils and organic compounds like CBD. This technique differs from typical solvent extraction.

The heat in the steam distillation process vaporizes CBD, carrying the vapor into a cooling system for consolidation and collection. By using steam distillation, Flora Hemp Spirits can infuse their hemp spirits with organic extracts such as rosemary, juniper, lavender and citrus flavors, and also extract hemp oil without chemical solvents.

Changing Perceptions

Maybe one day, consumers can order revolutionary CBD mocktails in bars and restaurants worldwide. For now, Flora Hemp Spirits’ functional alcohol alternatives are sold in nearly 200 retail locations across the US. However, they do ship to all 50 states, and they offer free shipping on orders over $100. If you’re hosting a gathering, having fun alternatives on hand is a great way to show guests that you care—you want them to enjoy themselves, regardless of if they choose to drink alcohol or not. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter!

Adam and Danny hope to see their vision come to life by increasing non-alcoholic options and eliminating the stigma surrounding social cannabinoid usage. Their products have helped many customers eliminate or drastically reduce their alcohol intake. Changing perceptions is their ultimate goal, one drink at a time.

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