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Dispensary Profile: Denver’s Kind Love

Jars full of buds on shelves in the dispensary Kind Love in Denver, Colorado


Dispensary Profile: Denver’s Kind Love

Experience is something that has always been important to Lief Olsen and Michael Williamson, co-owners of Kind Love, a medical-only dispensary in Denver. An experience of comfort, safety, welcoming and the feeling that you left with more knowledge than when you came in is central to Kind Love’s business model.

“It’s simple really — love. Love for plants, patients, medicine and science,” says Williamson.

Olsen and Williamson say they chose to stay a “medical only” dispensary because they have always had a “for patients by patients” philosophy.

“With that in mind, we understood we had a limited amount of time and resources, and that a move to adult-use sales may have an effect on the level of service and the quality of product that we strive to achieve, ultimately affecting our patients, whom over the past four years have come to rely and depend on our products,” says Olsen. “The idea of turning our backs on these patients to make a buck just didn’t seem right, and definitely not the Kind Love way.”

Olsen says he founded Kind Love along with other patients after many disappointing trips to dispensaries that had left him feeling ripped off and discouraged.

“We set out to elevate the standard of dispensaries in Colorado,” Olsen says.

Williamson says Kind Love is different because they never used the word “medical” as a safety blanket for general cannabis sales and now that recreational stores are legal in Colorado, many have redirected most of their attention and product to serving the new market.

“When you walk into Kind Love, you immediately know something is different about this place,” says Olsen. “The recurring comment that always pleases me is ‘The energy is so good in here!’ Personally, I think we have the friendliest, most caring and educated staff in the industry.”

Kind Love offers discount programs for industry workers, veterans and seniors. They also have a compassion program designed to help low-income patients with qualifying diseases get the best treatment available. In addition, they fundraise year-round for various local charities by encouraging staff to raise awareness and ask patients to donate to local causes — and Kind Love matches all patient donations.

Kind Love is also excited to open a marijuana infused product (MIP) kitchen and extraction lab.

“We really hope to raise the bar for extracted and infused goods. Our goal is to create the most clean and efficacious line of products on the market,” says Olsen.

“We have so many projects in development at our research and development farm right now, we might even have too many,” says Williamson. “But if I had to choose one, I would pick our high-CBD ‘The Wife’ project. This project was started from seed, 16 phenotypes. In all my years of seed cultivation I have never seen such unique CBD:THC ratios. We ended up with four ‘keepers’ with a full spectrum of CBD:THC, which include a 32:1 28:1 4:1 and a 2:1 ratios.”

4380 E Alameda Ave.
Denver, CO 80246

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