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Dispensary Profile: Mile High Medical Cannabis

A street sign directs patients and customers to the Mile High Medical Cannabis Club near Denver, CO.


Dispensary Profile: Mile High Medical Cannabis

Mile High Medical Cannabis is a dual medical and recreational store near the Broncos stadium in Denver, Colo. The building itself is small and both the recreational and medical sides are fit to hold no more than a few customers at a time. The staff is friendly, unhurried but productive, cleaning jars, measuring cannabis and stocking concentrates.

“Edibles are really the only thing we can’t sell in recreational right now,” says Nichole West, Mile High’s Manager. “There is a 100 milligram state enforced max for recreational, whereas we have anywhere from 15 to 1500mg edibles on the medical side.”

West says the store has struggled to keep the inventory stocked for customers both medical and recreational customers, but that ultimately Mile High serve both markets.

“We go through inventory a lot faster on the recreational side, obviously, so it’s a little bit hard to keep all the varieties on the shelf,” West says. “We’re really trying to make sure both sides are given attention. There are a lot of centers that said, ‘Hey we make more money on rec, let just do that’ or ‘We just need to focus on medical patients.’ I think there’s a lot to be said about keeping a balance on both sides.”

West managed a medical-only dispensary prior to managing the recreational shop at Mile High Medical Cannabis. She says the differences have been surprising.

“I thought there would be more younger people on the recreational side but there are actually many older people,” she says.

West thinks the fear of cannabis being illegal, and being on a central medical cannabis registry, has likely prevented a lot of people over the age of 65 from joining a medical cannabis collective, but now that cannabis is legal in Colorado, seniors are also joining the market.

“We see many 65 and above, and so we actually just started offering a veteran discount in our rec center and we’re seeing a tremendous response from it.” she says. “We’ve had several older customers that have said, ‘I never tried it because it was illegal, but now that it is, I figured I’d give it a try.’”

“I’m 66, I have been a medical patient for years and I’m seeing my friends, the same age as me in other states saying that when it goes legal in their state, they will give it a try too,” says Elle Law, a longtime patient at Mile High. “I’m a senior but I want to get a job in the industry, I want to bring in more people my age. I want people to see me behind the counter and know there are many faces to marijuana.”

At the end of the day, West says she is pleased with the new laws.

“Everyone that comes in is so happy about it being legal. We have had recreational sales open since January and we haven’t had a single angry guest” West says.

Not only is Mile High Medical Cannabis clean and inviting for customers new to marijuana, they stock a wide variety of top-shelf edibles, flowers and concentrates priced affordably so as not to prevent patients from receiving safe access.

Mile High Medical Cannabis
1705 N Federal Blvd
Denver, CO 80204


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