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Dispensary Profile: Verde Natural

Verde Natural Cannabis Now


Dispensary Profile: Verde Natural

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Dispensary Profile: Verde Natural

Colorado provider grows quality cannabis with soil and selectivity.

Walk through the doors of Verde Natural and you’ll realize that this Colorado dispensary takes the “natural” part of its name quite seriously. Once inside, the comforting earth tones of Verde’s wooden interior and displays are only a precursor to the soil-grown cannabis this medical marijuana provider has become known for.

“We are hands on with our plants 100 percent of the way, from clone to harvested flower bud,” marketing manager Matthew Mattson said. “We grow all of our plants in raised soil beds using our recycled soil, feed the plants an all organic diet, hand trim the flowers at harvest and slow cure the flower to make sure it has a strong and vibrant terpene profile.”

Mattson said that an organic diet along with organic soil makes for happier, healthier plants that can end up producing more potent, pungent and flavorful buds.

Verde’s popular citrus-inspired strains such as Super Lemon Haze and Lemon Pie feature terpene profiles exploding with surprisingly zesty tastes and smells, originating from the strong presence of limonene.

For Mattson, growing in soil is the best way to produce quality medicine.

“This isn’t to say you can’t grow good cannabis with another type of system, but a soil system seems to produce the most flavorful and vibrant buds,” he said. “Mother Nature has been doing this for millions of years, all we are doing is trying to replicate what she does as best as we can.”

Verde Natural’s in-house cultivation techniques allow it to provide a great variety of strains to its patients. The dispensary keeps a rotation of flowers in stock by training all of their growers to be responsible for their own vegetation and flowering rooms, which are powered by 50,000 square feet of solar panels.

“We harvest every week! Not too many cultivators can say this,” Mattson said. “Each week there are a number of different strains available that may not have been available the previous week.”

Not to be outdone by their remarkable strains, Verde Natural also prides itself on the patient experience, one thing founder Chuck Blackton prioritized after losing his father to ALS.

While Verde Natural strains can be found throughout several recreational shops in Colorado, their dispensary caters to medical patients and their personal preferences, whether it be a friendly discussion with a budtender or a quiet, discreet visit for those sensitive to noise.

“Today we are carrying forward Chuck’s vision,” Mattson said. “We are creating a destination that doesn’t feel like a shady, quick hand, back alley transaction. People deserve better than that. We make sure that you feel at home, learn something about the products in our store and walk away with the highest quality cannabis in your hand.”

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