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Denver May Ban Homemade Hash Oil

A container full of bubbling homemade hash oil may soon be illegal in Denver.
Photo by Andres Rodriguez


Denver May Ban Homemade Hash Oil

It may seem like all is well in Colorado for marijuana smokers, but Denver city officials are considering putting an end to one aspect of the cannabis free-for-all that’s been going on in the Centennial State.

Following a series of reports on home explosions related to amateurs making hash oil, Mayor Michael Hancock proposed an amendment to current city codes that would prohibit people from attempting to make hash oil at home. After more than 30 explosions this year, compared to only 11 last year, the state is considering the rash of occurrences a public safety concern.

Law enforcement officials are struggling to find proper punishments for offenses as making hash oil is actually covered under the provisions of the law, which allow residents to process marijuana plants — including producing hash oil which typically requires a compressed, highly-flammable gas like butane, methane or hexane to create. For now, offenders are being charged with arson.

The Denver City Council’s Safety and Well-Being Committee will begin discussing the proposal on Sept. 16. Under the new regulations, licensed manufacturers will still be allowed to produce hash oil under strict guidelines. Unlicensed residents will still be allowed to produce water hash, butter and other food-based extracts. If the ordinance passes, violators will have to pay up to $999 in fines and may face as much as a year in jail.

Do you think the state should ban people from making hash oil in their homes? Why or why not? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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