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More People are Saying “I Do” to Weed Infused Weddings

Colorado's Cannabis Wedding Expo was a sold out success, showing the growing popularity of cannabis as a feature of wedding celebrations.


More People are Saying “I Do” to Weed Infused Weddings

The sold out success of the Colorado Cannabis Wedding Expo points to the continuing mainstreaming of cannabis culture, as more and more people are deciding to tie the knot with some pot.

So you’re into exquisite dinners and sumptuous brunches paired with cannabis? Trying out some recipes for craft cocktails that include a dash of THC along with the bitters? Good for you: you’re vintage — all that is so 2014.

If the smashing success of a certain expo in Colorado over the weekend is any indication, the fastest-growing marijuana-related business appears to be cannabis-infused weddings.

No story about cannabis in 2017 is complete without yet another ever-inflating estimate of marijuana’s market value: $7 billion in legal cannabis sold in 2016, growing to $50 billion and beyond sometime in the next decade (legalization and Jeff Sessions permitting). For now at least, weddings have cannabis beat, badly: The ritual of matrimony is worth $53.6 billion a year, according to a 2013 estimate.

So perhaps it was only natural for weed and weddings to hit it off. This particular romance has manifested itself in a marijuana-friendly wedding chapel in Las Vegas and cannabis-centric wedding planners in Colorado, the latter of whom, spurned by more traditional (read: cannabis-free) wedding expos, launched their very own.

President’s Day weekend saw the second annual running of the Cannabis Wedding Expo. As Fox-31 reported, more than 1,000 people trekked out to a Denver suburb to hear how they can incorporate weed into a wedding. Speaking of: how do you do that, exactly, aside from serving a medicated wedding cake or having a dab bar at the reception? Actually, both of those are great ideas, but let’s not stop there.

Here’s Philip Wolf, one of the Cannabis Wedding Expo’s creators:

“There are a lot of different ways to incorporate cannabis into weddings, from having hair and makeup artists who are cannabis friendly, where a bride can smoke a joint beforehand, to full budtending services, to edible chefs.”

Other weed-friendly wedding solutions include sliding a stick of Sour Diesel next to the other flowers in a bride’s bouquet, pinning a nugget in a groom’s boutonniere and dresses made entirely of hemp.

Since it’s unlikely your grandmother’s ring or her heirloom veil had anything to do with marijuana, should you have difficulty making any of these weed-friendly wedding items happen yourself, that’s what the vendors on hand at the expo are for.

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