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The Vocab of Dab

Photo Andres Rodriguez


The Vocab of Dab

Dabbing is something you’ve probably heard of in the world of weed, and it’s a whole phenomena unto itself. There’s different equipment and technology and plenty of new jargon to accompany it. You may know all about vape pens but not about e-nails, or maybe you’ve just heard whatever garbage they’re spewing over at Fox News about the “new dangerous marijuana that looks like lip gloss.” (By the way, hash oil does not look like lip gloss, and marijuana is not dangerous.) Cannabis concentrates are much more potent than traditional marijuana flowers. Here are some basic definitions that can help if you’re looking to learn.

Dab: Named for the dabbing motion of touching the hash oil to the hot nail to vaporize it. Can apply to either solvent or non-solvent concentrates being consumed through a rig.

Oil Rig: A pipe that is used specifically for smoking cannabis concentrates, often referred to as simply a rig.

Nail: An element attached to the rig that is heated to an extremely high temperature, usually with a blowtorch. Nails can be glass, titanium, ceramic or quartz, and once heated will cause the dab to vaporize on contact.

Dome: A glass shield placed around the nail to make sure the dab vapors get into the rig, and into your lungs.


Rig with titanium nail and glass dome.

BHO: Stands for Butane Hash Oil or Butane Honey Oil depending on who you ask. It is cannabis concentrate that has used butane as a solvent, allowing the collection of the resin and good stuff, and leaving behind the plant material.

Purging: The process of removing all solvent from the concentrate.

Vacuum Purged: A process of heat and vacuum pressure that helps to eliminate any residual solvent from the concentrate.

Closed Loop System: A piece of extraction equipment in which the solvent is captured and able to be recycled, generally considered a safer method than allowing the solvent to evaporate into the air.

‘Tane: Short for butane, which is both a solvent for making oil and a fuel for refilling blowtorches.


Bubbles of butane being purged from a cannabis concentrate.

Wax: Named for its earwax like consistency, a form of BHO that is golden, crumbly and not sticky.

Shatter: A form of BHO that is transparent and hard, that literally shatters when broken or snapped.

Budder: Opaque, crumbly oil.

Errl: Slang for any type of hash oil.

Non-Solvent: Hash that has been made without the use of solvents. Sometimes this hash is dabbable, especially if using rosin tech.

Rosin Tech: The process of making dabbable hash oil by adding only heat and pressure to solventless hash or marijuana flowers.


Rosin dab made from a nugget and a hair straightener.

DTFO: Stands for Dabbed The F*** Out, used to describe someone who is falling asleep or similarly unable to handle the dabs they took.

Pre-run: A term for marijuana flowers, implying that they have not yet been turned into hash oil and are therefore less desirable.

Flowers: A term used for distinguishing traditional plant material from concentrates.

710: Slang for OIL (710 upside down).

Slab: A large quantity of hash oil in one large piece.

Ninja Dab: When someone sneaks in a dab on top of the one being taken, forcing the dabber to do the double dab.

Blasting: The process of running solvent through plant material to create hash oil.

Nug Run: Hash oil that has been made with only the flowers of the marijuana plant, rather than the trim or the full plant.


Not quite a slab, but definitely nug-run.

E-Nail: A device that heats and controls the temperature of the nail so that no blowtorch is needed, and the nail does not have to be reheated between each dab.

Glob: A very large dab.

Waffle: An even larger dab.

Dab Tool: A small, often titanium or glass stick that is used for touching the hash oil to the nail. Often has a shape on the end to aid in picking up the oil.

Reclaim: The resin left behind in a rig. Unlike resin from bowls and bongs, reclaim doesn’t smell awful and is actually quite potent.


An electric nail hooked up to an oil rig- no blowtorch needed!

Auto-Budder: When concentrate that was previously shatter changes consistency and becomes budder after a period of time.

Baby Dab: A small dab, a good idea for those who have never tried it, or rarely do.

Fire: Really really good.


Two kinds of BHO combined in a heart.

Live Resin: Hash oil that has been made from fresh plant material, rather than cured and dried plant material.

De-Waxed: Hash oil that has been through additional processes to remove the naturally occurring plant wax to achieve a purer product.

Do you dab? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below.

Photos courtesy Laura Notini

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