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Cultivators Knocked Out of Medical Ring Rise for Recreational Rematch


Cultivators Knocked Out of Medical Ring Rise for Recreational Rematch

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Cultivators Knocked Out of Medical Ring Rise for Recreational Rematch

TKO enters adult-use cannabis marketplace.

In 2012, the team at TurnKey Organics (TKO) began with the mission of providing organic cannabis of the highest grade to medical cannabis patients in the Pacific Northwest. Over the following four years, the family-owned business continued to grow on a solid backbone of compassion, cultivation experience and good genetics.

This past fall marks their first harvest for the Oregon recreational cannabis market, which will now see TKO contributing some of the most legendary strains of the decade.

A member of TKO Reserve holds out the cola of Mochi.

TKO Founder Charlie Cassidy said the operation has already expanded under recreational.

“From crop to crop, this is about 15 times larger than what we were pulling down on the medical side,” he said.

TKO originally kicked things off in Washington state, but like several other medical cannabis providers, they didn’t receive a state license after recent regulation changes.

A hand in a black latex glove shows off a large nug of Glue from TKO reserves.

While obviously not optimal, Cassidy said the situation provided TKO with valuable insight for their entry into the Oregon scene.

“We saw how the laws unfolded in Washington,” he said. “We came down here prepared for what recreational was going to look like. We got the right zoning, the water rights, and basically anything we needed to be sure what happen to us in Washington was never going to happen to us again.”

TKO considers itself amongst the finest cultivators now rooted in the Beaver State, and they’re confident their medicine is highly-competitive with anything else on the market. Their reputation is carried on the back of some great genetics that include classic hits like Sour Diesel, world-beaters like WIFI OG  and even a few of the fabled cuts of Mr. Sherbinski.

Purple and light green meet in a garden that houses both the White Fire and Platinum Cookies at TKO Reserves.

Judging from photographs and proven results, they have quite a compelling argument.

After the success of this year’s harvest the TKO team is looking forward to building out some state of the art greenhouses in the off-season and preparing facilities for their masterfully-crafted indoor options, which were previously available in Washington.

Originally published in Issue 24 of Cannabis Now. LEARN MORE

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