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Connect No. 403: Stimulate Your Body with a Clear Mind

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Connect No. 403: Stimulate Your Body with a Clear Mind

The cannabis innovators at Canndescent have re-envisioned the cannabis selection and smoking experience with a simple, effect-based naming system that guides users to the best strain for a specific mood or activity — the “Connect” suite of strains offers a stimulating body buzz that leaves your head clear and uncluttered.

The efforts of cannabis cultivators have produced literally thousands of choices for cannabis users, and as many or more names for the flowers. But most of those names are focused on either the geographical origins of the plant or the flavor associations of the flower — and tell littler or nothing about the actual effects.

This can make purchasing at a dispensary — which will usually feature dozens of varieties — frustrating for somebody just looking for a certain feeling or effect.

Add to that the confusion caused by strains sharing similar names and it can be a bit of a nightmare — should you try the Jack or the Super Jack? Platinum Cookies or Blue Cookies? Do you know the difference? How about the delivery service you use?

Canndescent has broken with all of that and devised their own system for cataloging their high-grade cannabis by effects under five broad but unique kinds of cannabis experience: Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect and Charge.

If a strain stimulates both mind and body, it would fall under the Charge category, and a strain that relaxed body and mind would be classified as a Calm strain.

The Connect strains are physically stimulating but more or less cerebrally neutral, meaning you’ll enjoy the appetite stimulation, muscle relaxation and “body buzz” of cannabis without any pronounced psychological effects or “head high.”

The focus of this review — Connect No. 403 —falls squarely in that category: The high is physically invigorating with a pronounced body buzz, but leaves your mental state more or less untouched. This makes it an excellent choice for times when you need to keep your wit about you but want to enjoy the physical benefits of cannabis — maybe a business dinner or some other event that offers the potential for sensory delights but also the need for lucid thinking and communicating.

If you’re looking for deep conversation or even an enhancement for sexual exploration, Connect 403 is a great choice for putting you in a turned on but dialed in state perfect for amplifying visceral pleasures and pursuit. Alternately, if you just want something that’ll let you enjoy a nice high with a clear head, this is a great pick.

The flowers are hand trimmed for an attractive, natural presentation and well-cured for an even burn. The flavor is a mild expression of the terpene profile — a pleasant, natural sweetness.

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