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A line of different pre-rolled cone joints lie next to one another in competition to be the best pre-roll.


The Joint Off

Photo Gracie Malley for Cannabis Now

The Joint Off

Which Pre-Roll Will Prevail?

Among cannoisseurs, pre-rolls have earned a bad reputation for being filled with bag shake otherwise unfit for sale. However, as other elements of cannabis continue to elevate and evolve, so do the pre-rolls of the legal era. More and more potent, premium pre-rolled selections are hitting the shelves at dispensaries across the nation, providing ultra-convenient ways to get blazed. In the interest of science, we put four pre-rolled selections to the test.

Ed Rosenthal Select– Sativa blend with hints of indica

A full two inches tall from its built-in crutch, these joints from the guru of ganja are fortified with hash. These ultra-potent pre-rolls have a slow, satisfying burn coupled with a clear taste and soaring high. The “Eddy’s” are created from blends selected by Rosenthal and have an instantly-calming effect on the mind coupled with a slight body buzz.

A small tin with elegant print labels it as a box of Hepburns pre-rolled joint.

Hepburns 5-pack– Red Dragon cannabis and Sour Diesel hash

These beautifully packaged, whole flower, “terpene-paired hash cones” won our hearts with their potency and effects. Hepburns sources its flowers and hash from premium providers and prides itself on providing the cleanest medicine. With fans like drag queen Laganja Estranga and cannabis blogger Coral Reefer, these pre-rolls are gaining a cult following and for a very good reason. They burn down great and are guaranteed to result in a deep stone. We also really enjoy knowing exactly what strains are going into each pre-roll and have found consistent, quality medicine in each batch of these beauties.

A small tin holds the small, yet tasty, Mango Kush mini pre-rolls by Minijuanas.

Minijuanas 12-pack– Mango Kush

These perfect little pre-rolls feature greenhouse herb harvested at the base of Mount Shasta. Expertly wrapped, without a hint of running upon multiple samples – the Mango Kush selection had hints of the fruit, but not overtly, and tasted much like the pieces of mango in a Boba tea – a bit of sweetness combined with the grassiness of a green tea. These minis have about an inch of herb with a built-in crutch. Their size makes them smoke down in about 3-5 minutes, ensuring a completely finished smoke session without trying to retain a smelly roach for later.

A small tin adorned with yellow banner tells the viewer that they are holding Triple JJJ's Premium mini pre-rolls.

Triple JJJ’s, 420 Minis 12-pack– Sour Diesel-OG Kush

These pre-rolled selections are two strains blended into one. Because of their miniature size, they are not ultra-potent and are recommended for a quick puff during the day. The size of the Triple JJJ’s makes them convenient to keep on hand for stealthy smoke seshes.

Originally published in Issue 21 of Cannabis Now. LEARN MORE

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