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Beyond Butter: Angel’s Million-Dollar Mission


Beyond Butter: Angel’s Million-Dollar Mission

Photo courtesy of Magical Butter

Beyond Butter: Angel’s Million-Dollar Mission

It’s all smiles, laughs and genuine enthusiasm as Garyn Angel, the founder and CEO of MagicalButter, talks about the inventive and trailblazing product which landed him a spot on CNBC’s lauded Top 25 list.

It wasn’t that long ago the Seattle-based technology company had gathered friends and family to celebrate the notable success of his incredible machine designed to revolutionize the way cannabis-infused butter is made forever.

Garyn Angel, the mastermind behind MagicalButter’s rise to success, was inspired to create the device after his friend became ill. In hopes of creating a way for his friend to conveniently and smokelessly medicate, Angel began constructing the first version of what would later become a lucrative and groundbreaking product in the cannabis industry.

It took some trial and error but it was clear he had hit the jackpot when his friend was able to experience relief after using butter made from the machine.

“The beautiful thing about cannabis is that it tells you when it works,” he says. “That’s when I knew that was the one.”

For anyone that’s made cannabis-infused butter the old fashioned way, they know that it is, indeed, a process. Using the MagicalButter is a breeze. You put your buds in, add butter, press a button and return in an hour or so to a finished product. Of course, the gooey concoction still needs to be strained and allowed to cool so that it can set, but compared to the tedious task of stirring and obsessively watching it on the stove — this is a cakewalk. The MagicalButter goes beyond butter, though. It’s capable of producing tinctures and topicals, as well as items completely unrelated to cannabis from cocktails to candles.

Of course, Angel uses the MagicalButter himself and can easily recall some of his go-to recipes.

“My favorite recipes are the salad dressings and the sauces. I really like the tomato soup, too,” he says.

Along with being brilliantly inventive, compassionate and innovative, Angel is simply a bucketful of sunshine and concepts. He has a lot of interesting projects in the works that will, more than likely, gain major attention, like his ideas for a MagicalButter Studio and a cannabis history museum. From prohibition to decriminalization and legalization to everything in between, there’s so much to know about cannabis and what it means to our culture.

“I think that the history of cannabis is important,” he says. “It’s a beautiful story, so let’s tell it.”

His mission is to raise awareness about the healing powers of cannabis through sharing his butter-making machine with the world. And, although all of the attention the company has been receiving is flattering, it’s incredibly apparent that there’s something else that motivates Angel aside from commercial success. What drives him is something deeper than fame or fortune.

“I’m happy that we’re part of the solution. That’s just the best feeling ever,” he says, a grin in his voice. “I’m really just glad to be able to help so many people. That’s what it’s about.”

Originally published in Issue 14 of Cannabis Now Magazine. Purchase your copy here.

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