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What Is America’s Favorite Cannabis Strain?

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What Is America’s Favorite Cannabis Strain?

Blue Dream continues to reign supreme, but others are edging their way in.

If the legalization of marijuana has done one thing for the whole of popular cannabis culture, it has brought a plethora of new, lung-curling strains to the mainstream. For the eight states that have legalized the leaf for recreational purposes, forever gone are the days when pot consumers were forced to cough up their hard earned cash on whatever sack of grass their neighborhood dealer had stashed under his couch.

Now, variety is the spice of getting high. There are cannabis strains designed to calm the nerves, build self-esteem and, with the right connections, there is even one that can help you see through walls. OK so, maybe x-ray vision is a bit of an exaggeration. But there is nothing overstated about the latest cannabis industry report from the folks at BDS Analytics. This market research firm has determined that the great American cannabis connoisseur is mostly interested in sativa strains packed with high THC content, creativity and the gift of gab.

In Colorado, California, Washington and Oregon the go-to strains for dispensary patrons are Blue Dream and GG#4 (formerly known as Gorilla Glue #4). These two brands alone were responsible for generating tens of millions of dollars in pot sales in 2017. Other favorites include sativa-dominant Durban Poison, Golden Goat, Mob Boss and Green Crack.

In fact, the majority of the highest selling marijuana strains were sativas. Only a small percentage of the documented “favorite” strains were indica-dominant.

There is no doubt about it, cannabis consumers are on but one mission when they set out to buy weed: To get reeeeeaaaaalllly freaking stoned without being on the couch for the rest of the night.

For Coloradans, Blue Dream is the leading strain of choice. The report finds that customers spent more than $13.4 million on it in 2017, followed by a hefty $9.5 million for Durban Poison. All of the other strains on the list come in relatively close with respect to overall sales figures – give or take a few hundred thousand dollars.

While impressive, this data actually represents a 30 percent drop from what Colorado cannabis customers spent on bud back in 2016. And the decrease cannot be attributed to lower prices. The number of grams sold across the state also suffered a 20 percent decline.

In Oregon, things were slightly different. Pot consumers spent around $107 million on various strains, which is roughly only around 1 percent less than the year before. However, when it comes to preferred strains, GG#4 was the pick of the litter, selling $4.2 million. Next in line, of course, was Blue Dream. Customers purchased $3.2 million of it. All in all, the Beaver State showed high enthusiasm for smoking weed that infiltrates their cerebral cortex and sets them on a red-eyed path for exciting, new adventures.

On the other hand, more folks in Oregon enjoy indica strains than in Colorado. Out of the leading 15 strains, five were indica.

As for California, someone should resurrect the 1960s band The Mama & the Papas just to record a song entitled “California Blue Dreaming.” The state leads the pack in the sale of Blue Dream, with customers buying up $23.3 million of this ganja goodness in 2017. This should come as no surprise. It has been a fan favorite for years. In second place, however, was GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies). Around $11 million of it was sold between March and December. But these rock star sales figures are just the beginning. The numbers are expected to significantly increase now that the state’s fully legal market is in full swing.

So what is it that makes Blue Dream such an appealing strain to the masses? Well, the science around it suggests that it comes with some mischievous little terpenes that have a way of alleviating depression and killing pain. It also promotes a state of euphoria and seems to open parts of the mind untapped by others. Some might call it a literary high, others a funhouse – clown shoes and all. But for the dispensaries selling this stuff, it could be considered a retirement plan.

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