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Utilizing the Benefits of Cannabis Topicals

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Utilizing the Benefits of Cannabis Topicals

Mean Green Cream is a great way to introduce therapeutical cannabis into someone’s life.

One of the greatest things about recreational cannabis is that now more people than ever can benefit from marijuana’s healing properties. Mean Green Cream, infused with cannabis, has been easing the lives and limbs of medical marijuana patients in Oregon for 10 years and, with the passage of Measure 91, is now available to everyone over the age of 21. I recently spoke with co-owners Marlin Starr and Ryan McKenzie about their product and the many benefits of cannabis topicals.

Starr’s interest in topicals infused with marijuana stemmed from his occupation as a massage therapist. One of his clients was an 85-year-old man who received a cannabis salve from his grandson. When that didn’t work very well, Starr began experimenting to create something that did. Mean Green Cream treats and/or provides relief from a number of conditions including fibromyalgia, ALS, cancer, arthritis, migraines, sleep issues, sunburns, COPD, scars and wounds, PMS and menstrual cramps and hair regrowth. The cream can also be used simply as a moisturizer. Starr recommends applying the topical close to where the pain/problem is or on the soles of the feet, as those are pressure points that can provide access to the whole body.

There’s much to consider when choosing a topical. Some will provide a longer duration of relief and some have a fast onset. A cream like Mean Green does not leave a residue on the skin like other salve products that rely on an oil base. McKenzie explained his cream is fast absorbing thanks to ingredients like shea and cocoa butter and said he has honed its formula over many years.

As with any cannabis delivery method, it is important to consider the entourage effect and the importance of strains when selecting topicals. The entourage effect is the idea that the whole plant is beneficial. Stripping THC or CBD away from other cannabinoids, terpenes and whatever else removes much of the medicinal value because they’re meant to work together. Mean Green Cream uses a extracts from multiple strains in order to medicate their product for the maximum variety of cannabinoids including but not limited to THC, CBD, CBG, THC-A, CBC and CBN. The company is constantly investigating pathologies and strain combinations to create the most beneficial cream possible.

I used Mean Green Cream for the first time after starting a workout routine that involved hiking 1.5 miles up a hill/small mountain and then 1.5 miles back down. I’m no athlete, so my achy legs definitely enjoyed the relief they felt after applying the cream after returning home each day. In my experience there was no psychoactive effect. I didn’t feel anything special, my legs just didn’t feel painful anymore and were nicely moisturized. And my experience using a cannabis topical after a workout was not unique. Starr says many athletes use his product.

“People don’t get high and a few hours later they don’t hurt,” he says.

Topicals are especially helpful for those people with preconceptions about marijuana that mean smoking or vaping is not an option.  That’s because when using topicals versus other marijuana delivery methods there isn’t the same risk of paranoia or having a bad experience.

Do you use cannabis topicals? Which products have worked for you?

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