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The Cannabis Smoker’s Guide to the 2018 MLB Playoffs

Baseball Playoffs 2018 Cannabis Now
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The Cannabis Smoker’s Guide to the 2018 MLB Playoffs

The 2018 MLB Playoffs are here. This year, fans have more access to great cannabis during baseball season than any time in history, but which participating city has the best cannabis?

Four teams from legal marijuana states made it to the Major League Baseball playoffs this October. Lucky fan bases in Oakland, Los Angeles, Boston and Denver enjoyed an above-average year both on the field — and in the jar.

Now, it’s a question of which city has the cannabis to pull their team all the way to the World Series, all while also not trying to get stuck in their seat for any home runs or big strikeouts.

The Contenders for MLB Playoff City With the Best Cannabis

The obvious pick would have to be the Oakland Athletics. The city they call home is also one of the most progressive municipalities in the world when it comes to pot, where numerous model operators ply their trade within city limits growing and dispensing. Less than one mile from the Oakland Coliseum where the A’s play, you can pick up some of the Lemon Crush that won the Emerald Cup last year! How are other teams supposed to compete with the best outdoor marijuana on the planet in walking distance? They can’t. No matter what happens in their one-game wild-card playoff game with the New York Yankees tonight, the A’s definitely have the best pot this postseason.

The battle for second gets competitive though. Denver and Los Angeles are obviously great cannabis towns. The Rockies never ended up selling pot brownies like that fake report back in 2014 suggested, but the fans at Coors Field smoke plenty of strains from reputable breeders who made their way to Colorado when the laws changed. Coors Field also has the deepest left field corner in baseball, so there is plenty of grass on the field to match the general Denver vibe.

Nevertheless, Los Angeles is an amazing place to smoke marijuana. Plenty of great pot from up north is shipped down to SoCal to accent all the great cannabis that is being grown locally. While not technically as headie per capita as Denver, Los Angeles’ legacy genetics and history as a hub in California’s decades-old medical cannabis industry put it over the top. Los Angeles takes silver and Denver gets bronze.

And for those not making the podium.

Imagine a land where weed is legal, your team won 108 games, but there is nowhere to buy pot legally without a doctor’s recommendation. That’s Boston. Thanks to the slow going of Massachusetts lawmakers, Red Sox fans have not been able to enjoy this legendary season to their full ability. Hopefully, cannabis setbacks from Gov. Charlie Baker’s office won’t hinder the type of enthusiasm Red Sox Nation is able to pull together for another deep run into October.

Onfield Strategy: How To Smoke Cannabis At a Baseball Game

There are plenty of effective approaches for getting your pot into the stadium. Who do you think was more chipper in inning 12 of the Rockies one-game playoff with the Cubs? I would argue it was Rockies fans who were supported by a trusty molecule called THC. These heady cats who went for edibles instead of beers could have been the backbone of the support that thrusted the Rockies to victory in extra innings.

Smoking flowers in the era of mass surveillance inside of a stadium is tough, but not impossible. But that’s expert level much of the time. For a safer strategy, go with the vape pen. If you really want to get weird, you can drink THC-dosed Lagunitas sparkling water while you tailgate, but I imagine it will be tough to get past the metal detector.

If you can’t put your marijuana products in a diaper bag, it’s best to keep them on your person at security. Just switch any foil stuff for ziplock bags and smile with a lot of eye contact when they wave you down with the wand. You’ll be fine. [Full Disclosure: You might not be fine.]

The road to the World Series is cloudier than ever this year!

TELL US, have you ever smoked cannabis at a baseball game?

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