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Space Queen F2/Space Jill (sativa-dominant)

Space Queen photo compliments of Harborside Health Center to Cannabis Now Magazine


Space Queen F2/Space Jill (sativa-dominant)

Space Queen photo compliments of Harborside Health Center

Space Queen F2/Space Jill, known for its pairing with Orange Velvet to create the Jilly Bean strain, is a resurrected version of the original Space Queen – a European strain created by Vic High. It was initially released by BGCA Seeds and boasted a lineage that consisted of a cross between Romulan and Cinderella 99. But the original has long been lost, and all that remains is a bastardized, yet totally legit, version known as Space Queen F2 (commonly called Space Jill), so named to denote its second-generation genetics.

The prolific F2 has produced some popular royal offspring, including Vortex (from a cross with Apollo-13), Jack The Ripper (from a coupling with Jack’s Cleaner), Querkle (from a pairing with Purple Urkle) and Space Tooth (from a marriage with Sweet Tooth #3).

On its own, Space Queen F2/Space Jill is a happy, energetic, sugar-coated hug of a nug that tastes like candy. It’s a mood-elevator that purifies negative thoughts until all that’s left is mellow contentment.

The smell: Dominated by a potent punch of cherry and strawberry, with sour pineapple and lemon high-notes, Space Queen F2 falls squarely in the sweet and tropical-fruity category, while maintaining a pungent pine and faint sandalwood aroma.

The dry hit: Puff a joint of Space Queen before you light it up and you might think you just skinned up a doobie of dried mangoes. You’ll also notice your mouth fill up with a subtle taste of pink guava. Close your eyes and you might find yourself on a beach in Costa Rica eating fruit right off the trees on the beach in the sunshine.

The flavor: A sweet and spicy cherry takes over your tongue, with juicy teases of sour fruit sensations of lemon and pineapple. And yet, you might detect that there is something rotten in Denmark – mangoes, maybe? Rotten fruit has never tasted so good!

The high: Undeniably sativa-dominant, Space Queen/Space Jill is uplifting, energetic, and mildly psychedelic. You won’t be melting into any couches or passing out with the pipe in your hand if you pack it with this. On the contrary, you’ll be motivated to get moving. Medicinally speaking, it is an effective anti-depressant, and some tokers report pain-relieving attributes. But others say it has the potential to make you paranoid, so be sure to indulge in comfortable environs.

The word: Original breeder Vic High has said he hopes Space Queen “puts a smile on a few faces.” Evidently, the Queen has granted his wish: One of the most dominant characteristics of this strain seems to be mood enhancement, lifting you out of a cloudy daze into the sunlight again. On that basis alone, this strain is worthy of both its name and a prominent place in your head stash.

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