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Reefer’s Closet: Subtle Stoney-Chic Fashion

Coral Reefer


Reefer’s Closet: Subtle Stoney-Chic Fashion

Photos courtesy Coral Reefer

Reefer’s Closet: Subtle Stoney-Chic Fashion

I’m all for pot leaf prints in unexpected places, but every now and then, I need to be a bit more discrete with how I display my passions. It’s not always the right time to adorn yourself in cannabis prints, so what else can you wear?

I’m all for pot leaf prints in unexpected places, but every now and then, I need to be a bit more discrete with how I display my passions. In these moments, I love smaller accessories and subtle ways to incorporate hemp or recycled fabrics into my wardrobe.

Strangers on the street will be clueless, but that potential new smoke buddy might recognize these pieces as a sign that you’ll have some similar interests.

Naked & Famous Hemp Blend Jeans

Naked and Famous brand Hemp Denim Jeans / $168

High-end denim meets hemp fabric with this item. Naked and Famous released these hemp blend selvedge jeans in their most recent spring/summer collection, and while they may cost more than your standard jeans, they’ll almost certainly last longer. This brand offers a few different cuts to choose from, so you may want to check with their local retailers and try some on before ordering online to ensure you get exactly the right fit. The hemp denim jeans will soften with wear, but remain as durable as the day you bought them.

Bong Beauties Weed Nail Charm

Bong Beauties Nail Charm Reefer's Closet / $1.25 per charm

These nail charms are the perfect way to catch the eye of a new smoke buddy — they’re a conversation starter on any color manicure! They won’t give away your passion for cannabis to anyone more than a couple feet away, making them a perfect way to wear pot leaves to work or the classroom. I used the plain gold charms #1 and #2 in my manicure, but Bong Beauties also carries rhinestone options for an even more glamorous look.

Savage Swim Bathing Suit

Savage Swim Weed Bikini Reefer's Closet / Prices vary: $80-$130 per piece (As shown Angie bottom in Hemp print)

Savage Swim’s website lets you create the pot leaf bathing suit of your dreams, plus most of their pieces are double sided, so it’s like getting two different suits in one! This suit is perfect for traveling to both cannabis friendly and riskier areas — just flip it from the leaf print to the other side and no one will be the wiser. These American-made bathing suits let you pick every detail, from the prints to the cut or rise of the bottoms —  even the straps can be your favorite color.

Miss Mary Jane Co. Leaf Love Crop Top

Miss Mary Jane Co Leaf Crop Top Reefer's Closet / $37.99

This ultra soft crop top from Miss Mary Jane Co. has one embroidered leaf on it, a perfectly subtle way to wear your pot-pride. Pair it with high-waisted jeans or go for something more colorful because the black and grey stripes make this T-shirt easy to work into the wardrobe you already have. I love the feel of the embroidery and the bright pop of green. MMJCO is constantly releasing must-have pieces for the “high” fashion crowd.

Fjallraven Kånken Backpack

Fjallraven backback Reefer's Closet / $65-$75

These Swedish backpacks are made to last and they hold way more than expected. I’ve spotted Fjällräven’s Kånken around the world in Spain, Mexico and Texas. The variety of colors offered and quality feel make it stand apart from other backpacks, while it’s capacity will definitely impress you. One version of the backpack, the Re-Kånken, is made from recycled plastic bottles, so you can zip up your backpack knowing you’re helping reduce the waste in our world. Now if only they offered a hemp option.

Mo Mitchell Arts Hat Pins

Mo Mitchell Hat Pin Reefer's Closet / $10-$40

In case you haven’t noticed, hat pins are everywhere right now. They used to be available only to Disney buffs and world travelers, but shiny little hat pins are being made to celebrate just about everything these days. Of course the cannabis community has pins of their own, and wearing them is a great way to show your interests without being recognized as a smoker to the untrained eye. Throw a couple Mo Mitchell pins on for a good chuckle, or support for your favorite brands by rocking their pins around town.

Originally published in Issue 27 of Cannabis Now. LEARN MORE

TELL US, do you have any subtle nods to cannabis in your wardrobe?

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