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Product Review: 6 Top Flower Vaporizers


Product Review: 6 Top Flower Vaporizers

Six vapes for when you don’t have papers, don’t want to lug your glass piece around and are looking for a smooth smoke.

If you’re looking for a portable vaporizer addition to your arsenal this summer, look no further.

We’ve gathered our top six discreet, pocket vapes for a convenient, low-pro way to enjoy flower on the go. These smokeless options will keep your lungs happy and your herb dialed in to the perfect, customized temp.

Grenco G Pen Elite / $169.95

Grenco Vape Cannabis Now

Decked classic black, the G Pen Elite from Grenco Science is a sleek way to vaporize cannabis flowers. The G Pen comes with an adjustable LED display heat setting and, after a proper charging, is easy to use. Fill the chamber with ground marijuana, replace the mouthpiece and select your desired temperature – the G Pen is ready to rock from the get-go, delivering smooth hits of premium chronic. The transportable nature of this pen makes it ideal for vaping in less than friendly circumstances. Unlike a fat blunt, G Pen won’t give you away instantly by the smell and the smoke. This pen comes at an approachable price point and is great for the growing society of stealth smokers.

Volcano Crafty Vaporizer / $339

Crafty Vape Cannabis Now

Offered through Vapor Nation, this Volcano Crafty Vaporizer is one of the best products we’ve found to enjoy top-shelf cannabis flowers. It’s sturdy, tactile design make it easy to transport and its quick-start manual includes diagrams making it comparable to safety flyers one sees on airplanes – and to be honest, we typically avoid cheeseball weed puns, but using the Crafty certainly takes us higher. The vaporizer uses a combination of convection and conduction heating to preserve terpenes and deliver consistent vapor hits. It’s a great companion for all the events on your agenda this year.

Pax 2 / $279.99

Pax Vape Cannabis Now

Pax is a vaporizer that facilitates a sort of cult following on the vape scene. In the same vein as diehard Apple devotees, something about Pax’s sleek design and discrete vaporizing possibilities draws in those who pride themselves on being on top of all things cutting edge. This newest model, Pax 2, is a compact 4 inches tall and includes a simple one-button interface that allows for an array of heat settings. It features an attractive brushed anodized aluminum shell available in four colors (red, black, silver and aqua) and has an LED indicator that displays the vaporizer’s status and an accelerometer that activates the heating element when handled.

Hylo / $169.99

Hylo Vape Cannabis Now

When we’re busy in the office, sometimes the days are measured by how long it takes the light on the vape to go from blinking to solid and ready to go. The Hylo by White Rhino was plugged in for mere moments before it was all set to be tested for quality. Quick to the draw, this piece did the job, delivering smooth hits of the Super Lemon Haze found in the Cannabis Now Budvault. The vape is lightweight and comes with a cool stand for storing upright when not in use. While we’re into embracing both aspects of its name, the Hylo left us feeling much more high than low – this vape’s a great stoney selection.

Cheech & Chong Doobie Vape Pen / $109.99

Cheech Chong Cannabis Now

If the comic, burner duo Cheech & Chong from “Up in Smoke” had traveled forward from 1978 into the future they’d be stunned by the quantum leap cannabis has taken – and utterly dumbfounded by their names on the side of this sleek and beautiful portable Doobie vaporizer. Featuring extended herb and wax chambers, as well as a straightforward temperature control wheel for dialed-in heat control, this vape is both elegant and totally practical. The Doobie vape comes with all the standards – USB charger, rechargeable battery, cleaning brush – but also features a V Syndicate Dabit Card, which includes a grinder and four medical-grade stainless tools all wrapped in a resin-resistant silicone sleeve. This pocket vaporizer really does justice to its name, feeling every bit like a futuristic doobie.

Firefly 2 / $329.95

Firefly Vape Cannabis Now

Hits like a pipe, healthy like a vape. Welcome to the Firefly 2 — 33% smaller, 55% lighter, with 100% more battery life — and did we mention it hits like a pipe? None of this sipping reedy, thin vape smoke. Just grip it and rip it with this 140-gram, die-cast magnesium alloy, convection-based, personal portable vape. It blows impressive, flavorful clouds from dried, ground herb. Beneath the Gorilla Glass porthole, and the magnet-sealed lid, a tiny stainless steel oven heats bowls to 400°F in five seconds. The smart-tech responds to your touch — so the vape learning curve has never been shallower. It takes about 12 huge rips to get the thing as hot as a pipe — more than plenty for two people to enjoy a major, day-ending session of Sunset Cookies. Nice vapes ain’t cheap and cheap vapes ain’t nice — and let us assure you, the Firefly 2 is nice. Its Apple and Android-smartphone app controls five settings. Firefly 2 also excels with concentrates and comes with a backup battery pack.

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