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Editor’s Note By Dave Carpenter p.07
Political Update By Owen Poindexter p.11
Cultivated Craft – Over 1,400 artists compete to take first place and $10,000 cash in the “High Art” contest.  p.14
Dispensary Review – The Grove, Las Vegas By Mitchell Colbert p.20
Black Girls Toke Back – Women of color find weed’s greener pastures lack diversity and accessibility. By Ellen Holland p.27
Museum Quality Bud: The world’s biggest exhibition on cannabis. p.30
How to Blind Test Weed: A look at discriminatory policing in the cannabis industry. By Rick Pfrommer p.34
Huntin’ Glass Donuts: Why rabid collectors are paying $8,000 for glass donuts in America. By David Downs p.43
Seattle’s Golden Age of Cannabis By T.Bud p.46
Berner’s Rolling Hempire By David Downs p.44
How Legalization Dodged A Bullet By Mike Adams p.49
Gorilla Glue #4:America’s trendiest strain of 2016 is also arguably its most potent By David Downs p.50
Esprit De Corps: Veterans band together around cannabis. By Susan Cohen p.53
Chasing Dagga in South Africa By Julia Clark-Riddell p.56
Painful Transitions By Caitlin Podiak p.62
Getting Ultra-Close To Cannabis By Dragonfly de la Luz p.68
Got Purps: The color and smell of bud can make you well. By Ellen Holland p.76
Smoking Seniors: How one retirement community is coming out of the cannabis closet. By Dragonfly de la Luz p.79
MMJ’s Father Figure: 20 years of hard work by a man named Robert C. Randall. By Alice O’Leary-Randall p.84
The Secret Society of Cannabis: Go inside the underground cannabis cultural phenomenon of the “secret sesh.” By Greg Zeman p.88
Bigger Than Chocolate Or Wine: Cannabis sales forecast to grow to $40 billion. By Chris Walsh p.94
The Clear Is Surging In 2016 – Once a novelty, ‘clear’ extracts ride their notoriety to mass appeal. By Timothy Anderson p.100
Film Review – Dough Reviewed by Susan Cohen p.105
Edibles: Bake Your Own Challah By Laurie and MaryJane p.108
Book Review: Three essential new cannabis primers for the summer. p110
The Art of the Joint By Greg Zeman p.112
Wellness in a Capsule: Precision dosing through a familiar format. By Laura Notini p.117
Top Flower Vaporizers p.120
Joint Off – Which Pre-roll will Prevail? p.125
Mendocino Mating Call By David Downs p.130

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  1. Ben j

    November 4, 2017 at 11:30 am

    How do i get hold of some seeds from gorilla gule

  2. GKN Life

    February 17, 2017 at 10:33 pm

    Cannabis, it’s merely a plant, a wild weed. But it produces a range of effects that is unmatched. To some, it’s a blissful release, while for others it’s something that seems to have unravelled their minds, and emptied their lives.

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