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The Products You Need for the Ultimate Pot Party

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The Products You Need for the Ultimate Pot Party

The Products You Need for the Ultimate Pot Party

These decorations and accessories will take your pot party out of the shadows and to the next level.

For better or worse, it seems nowadays that the most important step in throwing a successful party during this era of social media obsession is creating a photogenic party atmosphere. While we still believe that loving friends, crowd-pleasing music and top-shelf bud are absolutely crucial for a shindig, these party decorations will help make your next social gathering so visually enticing that the Instagram famous masses would roil quietly behind their screens with jealousy. Of course, these pot party accessories don’t have to be reserved just for special occasions, and are more than capable of serving as statement décor for your everyday home.

Marijuana Leaf Ice Cube Trays


What could be more fun for a cannabis party than having little ice cube marijuana plants floating in everyone’s glasses? This silicone mold can also be used to make your own edibles for the celebration, just make sure that if there is cannabis in the treats made with this mold, that they are clearly labeled so guests don’t get unknowingly too blitzed.

Glow in the Dark Weed Balloons

$7.95/Pack of 10

If it were up to us, these balloons be glow in the dank. With these party balloons, guests will be assured that this affair is much more than casual day smoking. The opportunities for adults to acquire cannabis are growing at exponential rates and we’re celebrating the victories. Make sure to save some air from blowing up these balloons for all the fat joints that will come later during the pot party.

Pot Leaf Wall Décor Banner


With the rise of Etsy and Pinterest, party planning is getting pretty elaborate. Why shouldn’t a pot party also be a part of the trend… if we take a round of dabs, can it be a terp trend? This fun handmade item features seven cannabis leaves in alternating shades of green (with all the weed we have access to, we know just how many shades of green that ganja reaches on the Pantone color wheel) and will make the perfect centerpiece item for the ganja gathering.

Marijuana Party Shades

$27 per dozen pairs

Sunglasses are a cannabis smoker’s staple — so much so that when the Cannabis Now editorial team was walking down the Las Vegas Strip after MJBizCon wearing shades, a passerby made a snarky joke about stoners! But we don’t see any shame in sunglasses, we just see style, and in the case of this shiny pair, a whole lot of humor. Encourage your party guests not to take themselves too seriously with these rims, which come in packs by the dozen, and the glasses will paint your world in sparkles and green.

Doobie Birthday Candles

$5.80 for 8 candles

These five-inch-tall candles are highly realistic, so light ‘em up but remember not to pass ‘em around. The candles are equipped with a wire base, which gives the joint’s oblong shape a modicum of stability when placed into a treat. We recommend sticking these candles in THC-infused treats for extra points, but you should feel free to simply let glow on any non-medicated birthday baked good. And when it comes to lighting these wax joint replicas, your party should have no shortage of lighters floating around (though somehow, they always do seem to disappear at an unfathomable rate).

Originally published in Issue 29 of Cannabis Now. LEARN MORE

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