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Dr. Dabber Releases SWITCH Vaporizer


Dr. Dabber Releases SWITCH Vaporizer

New vaporizer works for both flower and oil.

Dr. Dabber, one of the nation’s leading concentrate technology companies, is entering the tabletop market with their new SWITCH to celebrate the biggest 420 ever.

The folks at Dr. Dabber believe their new dual-purpose SWITCH is the most innovative cannabis device released in the 21st century, and it certainly had to be considered in the debate with such a micro-segment of the market being able to handle both flowers and oils well.

The SWITCH was engineered and designed over a 24-month development cycle that recently wrapped after taking place exclusively in the United States. The resulting effort definitely looks like something at the cutting edge of cannabis but isn’t too busy. The appealing design doesn’t even hint at the kind of technology encased within.

“The SWITCH’s development was fueled by extensive customer feedback analysis,” Dr. Dabber said in an announcement on the SWITCH’s release. “Sealed electronics, proprietary battery packs, and intelligent battery management are all examples of Dr. Dabber’s commitment to creating a long-lasting, reliable product.”

While the heating elements speed is notable, the customization is really over the top compared to the rest of the space. Why have only four settings, when you can have 25 variable temperature profiles like the SWITCH? As the science of terpene combustion continues to develop, you’ll be well positioned to get the maximum value out of your concentrates.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH

That allows the SWITCH’s heating element to be used with both flowers and oils is called induction heating. The switch precisely directs the delivery of energy using an electromagnetic coupling to transmit energy in the form of an oscillating magnetic field into the induction cups. More specialized hardware is used to create a high frequency alternating magnetic field. That magnetic field is then absorbed by the induction cups and during the process of absorbing the induced magnetic field the actual heat that will vaporize your oil or herb is creates. This all happens very rapidly.

Induction heating also has a number of upsides compared to the more traditional heating mechanisms. The induction cups heat a lot faster than the screw on e-nail systems currently dominating the digital dab market. That the actual surface you’re heating the dab up is made of quartz, which is miles ahead of many imports. The flower heating chamber is ceramic. They both have the fastest heating times in the industry.

Both oil and flower mode will provide users with a set of options based on how dense they want their vapor. This is also where people make the decision between flavor and vapor. The SWITCH’s lower temperature settings will give you some of the best flavors the industry and if you bump it up to max power the clouds you’ll be ripping may even appear on your local weather report.

They didn’t make it rocket science to use either. The combination of the two temperature control buttons and the go button provide all the user interface needed. You just watch the lights and you’re good to go.

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