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New Year’s Resolutions for Mary Jane

New Year's Resolutions Cannabis Now Magazine
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New Year’s Resolutions for Mary Jane

Explore these resolutions to ensure 2017 is a bright year for cannabis.

While 2016 certainly had its rough patches, it was a great year for Mary Jane! More states passed legislation legalizing cannabis for recreational and medical use and those with existing programs continued to develop them and fight for reasonable regulations. It’s a great time to be a cannabis enthusiast, but there’s always room for improvement, such as implementing these resolutions to make 2017 another dank year for weed.

Clean Your Glass

Every smoker knows that resin buildup isn’t great. It can clog the airways of the pipe, cause nasty discoloration and an unfortunate taste and a bong water spill is much worse when the water has been in there for days. Resin is just plain dirty. Resolve to change out the water before every sesh and keep that glass clean and you’ll have a better smoke every time. There are a variety of cleansers on the market made specifically for pipe cleaning, but high percent isopropyl alcohol, salt and hot water will do the trick just fine if that’s what you have on hand. Pour salt (coarse salt works nicely for this, but any will do) and isopropyl alcohol into the pipe and shake, and then pour. Pouring out the alcohol into a separate container will allow it to be reused throughout the process. Then, using as-hot-as-possible tap water, rinse out the pipe, dissolving the remaining salt. The heat of the water also helps to get the resin out. Repeat this until the piece is clean, or most of the resin has been removed. For stubborn or thick patches, soak the glass in alcohol overnight before cleaning allowing the resin to dissolve. Be gentle, and aware that quick temperature changes can damage glass, so don’t pour cold alcohol into a pipe that was just filled with scalding hot water, wait a few minutes first.

Talk to Someone About Cannabis

With eight states and Washington D.C. having voted to legalize cannabis for adult recreational use, weed is no longer a taboo topic. Whether it’s a family member or friend, it’s likely there’s someone in your life that knows more about reefer madness than the reefer itself. There are plenty of news specials, documentaries and articles that discuss why cannabis should be legal and acceptable. It’s nontoxic and safer than alcohol for recreating, impossible to fatally overdose on, and is not physically addictive like other substances like cigarettes and coffee. It’s a valuable medicine for a number of conditions and is actively improving and saving the lives of patients every day, or easing the damaging side effects that can come with other medications like chemotherapy. Nothing is more powerful than a first-hand connection so talk to that relative or friend that knows you and humanize this issue — make it personal. You might be surprised at the response and you’ll definitely give them something to think about.

Try New Terps (& Cannabinoids)

Variety is great, and there’s never been more of it. The more cannabis becomes readily available, the more we are learning. Stoners have been long familiar with the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) we know and love, but there are many other cannabinoids of note rising in popularity. Cannabidiol (CBD) has risen in popularity due to its incredible medicinal benefits and much mellower psychoactive effect. If you have a chance and you haven’t give it a try. It’s great for anxiety and pain relief. Cannabis is also a source of a wide variety of terpenes, which give each strain its distinct smell and taste. The terpenes have effects of their own, and some companies are isolating the terps so patients and recreational users can craft their own profiles and experiences.

Fight for Your Rights

While cannabis laws are improving on a state level, it remains a Schedule I substance on federal level. This means the government doesn’t recognize that pot has medicinal value and they can still lock people up for it. In some states that have legalized cannabis, medical marijuana patients are now seeing changes that put parts of their programs in jeopardy. This is not a reason to oppose full legalization, but it is a reason to keep up the fight. There are many organizations and events that are doing just that, and they all need help. Volunteering with a local cannabis reform group is a great way to meet like-minded people and create the change that is necessary. Another way to help is by making a reoccurring donation to a drug policy organization focused on making and keeping marijuana legal. Something as small as $4.20 a month can make a difference and every bit helps ensure that 2017 will be a stoney success.

TELL US, what are your marijuana resolutions for 2017?

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