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A green Medtainer will keep your bud fresh and sticky.

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Sophisticated stoners know that carrying choice nugs in a baggie just won’t do in this day and age. Enter the Medtainer, a compact medical-grade jar that not only stores buds, but also has a built-in grinder. These jars serve as a great way to keep cannabis (and cannabis accessories such as rolling papers) in a space that, once sealed, becomes airtight. The plastic jar also prevents water damage and gives users a magicians’ flair when showing others how the jar works.

Upon first sight, the Medtainer appears like a simple medical jar, but upon closer examination one pulls the jar to reveal a grinder. Road tests of the grinder have shown that it grinds up cannabis easily. The ground herb can then be poured back into the Medtainer for safekeeping.

All-in-all, the Medtainer is a solid product especially beneficial for travelers or smokers on the go.

First appeared in Issue 9 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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