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A rasta colored Ash Cache tray on a white table.

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Kind Ash Cache

It’s refreshing to see a company breathe new life into a common household product which has for too long been taken for granted, and the good folks at Herbal Innovations have done just that with the release of their Kind Ash Cache. It’s a product which preserves the essential function of an ashtray – to keep ash in the tray – and elevates its usefulness by eliminating its most egregious flaws.

The packaging makes much of the ashtray’s glass-friendly silicon foam coating, and indeed staff tests managed to smash intricate glass pipes against the Cache without causing any chips or cracks (for best results, aim for the “smash pillar” in the tray’s center). But even more impressive is the spill-proof ash chamber, which uses the same silicon foam at the tray’s top to keep ash in its place. Even better, the chamber’s rounded brushed-metal construction can be tipped nearly a full 90 degrees yet always roll back to proper orientation, so the occasional kick to the coffee table or moderate earthquake (all too common at CNM’s Berkeley offices) won’t lead to an unpleasant clean-up job.

Bottom line: the Kind Ash Cache has essentially perfected the thankless ashtray, for a price that won’t break the bank.

First appeared in Issue 8 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

Click here to purchase / $19.99

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