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Hospital Denies Life-Saving Treatment For Using CBD Oil

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Hospital Denies Life-Saving Treatment For Using CBD Oil

A hospital in Virginia has stopped treatment of a boy suffering from Niemann-Pick disease after his mother used CBD oil to help with his seizures, even though it is legal in the state.

Kaden Hartman has been denied life-saving medical treatment after his mother used legal CBD oil to help with his seizures. Unfortunately, it’s not the first time a child has been denied medical treatment after using CBD oil to treat the symptoms of an illness or the side-effects of pharmaceuticals. But, once again, there is a debate among medical professionals and the caregivers of people suffering from its use. Hartman is one of fewer than a thousand cases diagnosed with a rare disease — Niemann-Pick disease type C, or NPC, also called children’s Alzheimer’s disease.

The disease sees those children with the condition deteriorate, both physically and mentally, at a rapid pace. Symptoms include seizures, loss of mobility and problems with communication. Most people diagnosed with Niemann-Pick disease won’t live past the age of 20.

Hartman was diagnosed with the disease at 5. Since 2015, Hartman has been receiving experimental treatment at the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at Virginia Commonwealth University. The treatment, according to his mother, has been slowing down the progression of some of his symptoms.

The treatment means that twice a month Hartman has a spinal infusion of Cyclodextrin, which, while not approved by the FDA to treat illnesses, has been used as an experimental treatment for a handful of NPC patients. And while Cyclodextrin has had a positive effect on some of his symptoms, his seizures have become more frequent.

CBD Oil Stopped Hartman’s Seizures

After seeing her son have up to 20 seizures a day, Hartman’s mother decided to treat the symptoms with CBD oil – all under the supervision of his neurologists. Gov. Ralph Northam, who treated Hartman before he entered politics, prescribed CBD oil for the boy in 2015, the year CBD became legal in Virginia.

Not only did it reduce the number of seizures, it also meant Hartman avoided the negative side-effects that come with anti-seizure medication.

That all came to end when the family received a letter from the hospital treating Hartman, stating that he was being taken off the study — and Cyclodextrin — if he continued to use CBD oil.

“Your son is on CBD oil,” Hartman’s mother told High Times about what she was told at the hospital. “He is terminated from the clinical trial. Don’t bother ever showing up again.”

A young boy is being denied the treatment that could prolong his life, all because of the use of a legal, natural supplement that is improving his quality of life.

“I didn’t think it would be this hard,” his mother said. “I just want what’s best for my child.”

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