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Invincibowl: The Last Bong Bowl You’ll Ever Buy



Invincibowl: The Last Bong Bowl You’ll Ever Buy

Made from aerospace-grade anodized aluminum, the indestructible Invincibowl is an essential item for all butterfingered blazers.

If you’re reading an article about indestructible bong bowls, chances are you’ve broken yours—and possibly not for the first time, either. Broken bongs, bowls and downstems are some of the most recurring problems faced by users of the traditional glass smoking apparatus. Replacing breakable bowls and downstems can become costly, and who wants to be smoking with the chance that a splinter of glass could get into your lungs? Certainly not sensible stoners. But fear not, fellow fumblers. There’s a (newish) kid in town that will put an end to all those smashed stems, broken bowls and busted bongs: a revolutionary new line of products from Invincibowl.

Invincibowl uses aerospace-grade aluminum and surgical-grade stainless steel to make ultra-sleek, shatterproof bowls. Founder Jeff Houkal says that after his wife Gloria broke three bowls in a month, he decided to design an indestructible bong bowl that would serve three purposes: It wouldn’t break; it would keep the bong water clear; and it was also easy to clean. With a background in mechanical engineering, Houkal has a natural aptitude for innovation and holds several patents. His original prototype for the Invincibowl worked so well that they knew they were on to a winner. 

There are three game-changing product lines to the Invincibowl inventory: The original Invincibowl, the Invincipole, and custom-made bowl screens. This range of sleek, innovative and built-to-last accessories is everything you need to elevate your smoking experience.

The Invincibowl

Made from aerospace-grade anodized aluminum, the bong bowls feature a stainless steel sleeve insert that carries out two important functions: It regulates heat to ensure your flower burns evenly in the bowl, and it also guarantees that your weed will only come in contact with the stainless steel. 

The Invincibowl is also the first shatterproof bowl with built-in, secure-screen technology. No more worrying about losing your screen while emptying the bowl. Simply twist the pull handle to release the metal sleeve, and you can quickly switch screens whenever you want. The product’s revolutionary design makes cleaning a breeze and allows it to blend in with your existing setup.

The handle of the Invincibowl actually doubles as the screw that holds the sleeve insert in place, and it’s sealed with silicone grip protection to ensure you never feel the heat when sliding the bowl out (even after repeated exposure to flame). One of the most important things to note is that no metal byproducts are released when using Invincibowl products; you won’t get a nasty metallic taste, aluminum particles or anything else that would interfere with your smoke sesh.

The Invincipole

The Invincipole is an indestructible, anodized aluminum downstem that outperforms all other varieties on the market. Its adaptable telescoping technology lets you adjust the downstem to fit 18mm bongs requiring anywhere from a 3” to a 5 ¾” long downstem, which fits most bongs on the market.

There’s no need to worry about the downstem getting stuck in your bong either, thanks to the innovative pressure lock and release tapers. With a little downward push, the taper locks the downstem into the bong and is released with a perpendicular force, snapping the downstem free. The unique taper is also located on the inside of the downstem, making it simple to remove bowls from the taper for a smooth hit every time.

As a final line of ash defense to keep your bong water clean, the Invincipole also features a screen (more on that below) that is housed in a multi-hole diffuser. Rest assured your H2O will be as clean as possible when using the Invincipole.

Bong Bowl Screens

If you’re tired of dealing with blocked downstems and ash-filled bong water, get rid of those cheap unreliable screens. Invincibowl’s proprietary high-quality, high-performance bong bowl screens will keep your water clean and clear.

Using a proprietary 304 stainless steel mesh, these 5/8″ high-flow smoking screens are guaranteed to outperform other woven stainless or brass screens on the market, blocking ash and other particles while still allowing smoke to travel through. The stainless-steel pipe screens also reduce product loss, which saves you money by preventing your precious herb from falling into the bong water. The screens can be used for up to twenty bowls before they need to be swapped out for a freshie.

Invincibowl is so confident that their products are indestructible that they provide a lifetime warranty. If your purchased products develop any flaws during use, Invincibowl promises to replace the parts free.

The Invincibowl is available in a variety of eye-catching colors and is compatible with any 14mm female joint. Replacement sleeves, screws and screens are also available, so you’ll never have to buy another bong bowl. Take away the tension that comes with glass and welcome the reliability of Invincibowl. 

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