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Growing Exceptional Flower With Spider Farmer

Spider Farmer LED Cannabis Grow Lights


Growing Exceptional Flower With Spider Farmer

Whether you’re a commercial cultivator or a homegrow hero, Spider Farmer’s new and improved SE 7000 (730W) LED grow lights can help you maximize yields by 60%.

Ask any good indoor cannabis cultivator to name the most critical input for growing exceptional flower, and they will tell you the same thing: light. You can feed your plants different nutrients; you can use soil or hydro; but you cannot use inferior lighting if you want maximum yields. LEDs are the preferred choice for most indoor cannabis cultivators for several reasons, including longer life span, reduced energy consumption and the ability to replicate the sun during the plants’ growth cycle.  However, LED systems can be an expensive investment. And low-cost often equals low performance. Spider Farmer is filling a gap in the market with their LED grow lights that combine competitive price points with high performance. Whether you’re a large-scale commercial grower or use a grow tent at home, you can benefit from Spider Farmer’s newly updated SE 7000 (730W) LED system.

The Spider Farmer SE 7000 (730W)

Launched in 2015, Spider Farmer is the go-to brand for dependable and affordable indoor growing equipment that supports a balanced indoor cultivation environment. Thanks to their in-house R&D facilities, Spider Farmer is continuously improving the quality and design of their products. To that end, the company recently launched the new SE Series, which features LED grow lights designed to support the full growth cycle of your cannabis plants.

With its light bar design, the upgraded SE 7000 (730W) commercial LED grow light operates at 1920umol/s and is designed to provide precise control over light spectrum levels and intensity for close-proximity, multi-tier indoor crops. By maximizing the uniform photons through the innovative new bar design, Spider Farmer claims to have increased yields from 30% to 60%. 

Using heat-dispelling technology, the six-bar configuration provides a uniform PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density) output. Using Spider Farmer’s daisy chain function, indoor cultivators can easily scale up their grow ops by connecting up to 15 units and conveniently controlling them all with one remote control. Additionally, the bar design allows for increased airflow around the LEDs, which helps disperse heat more effectively and distribute light more evenly across the canopy.

The extended light bar design takes care of the outer edges of your grow and provides consistent light intensity. Peripheral plants will benefit from the even distribution of light, so you can maximize your grow space. The Spider Farmer SE 7000 (730W) delivers a coverage area of 4×4 feet for commercial grows and 5×5 feet for personal grows. When measured in a 5×50-foot grow tent, the SE 7000 (730W) emits between 900 and 1100 PPFD from 12 inches above the canopy.

Spider Farmer’s LED grow lights help growers give their plants the exact light needed as they move through each stage of growth. With obvious indicators for 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100%, the dimming knob takes the guesswork out of altering the spectrum. Finally, all Spider Farmer systems are water resistant. The LEDs are coated with a waterproof glue, making them safe in wet environments. 

The Importance of Diode Quality

Since their introduction, one of the most compelling features of LED lights has been their long lifespan. When purchasing an LED grow light, it’s important to note the brand of LEDs and the number of diodes used.

Spider Farmer is an official Samsung partner and only uses premium diodes from the South Korean corporation. In comparison to other products, a genuine Samsung LED will keep the same intensity and quality of light for a longer period of time. The SE 7000 (730W) uses Samsung LM301B diodes.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All Spider Farmer LED grow lights are both CE and RoHS certified, allowing you to buy with confidence. Additionally, Spider Farmer LED grow lights come with a five-year warranty. Furthermore, in the event of damage, the lamp can be returned or replaced within 30 days of delivery, while repairs, free components and service can be provided within 90 days of delivery. Spider Farmer distributors can be found around in the world in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and Germany.

Spider Farmer Has Everything You Need to Grow Great Weed

As well as manufacturing high-quality, low-cost LED grow lights, Spider Farmer also offers grow tents and kits at an affordable price. Spider Farmer has the widest collection of indoor grow tents and accessories, all of which are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Spider Farmer’s grow tents are constructed from top-quality 1680D tear-proof canvas that prevents any light from escaping and is lined with 99% reflective mylar.

From commercial operators to homegrow heroes, whatever your situation, you can be sure that Spider Farmer can tailor your growing needs with its LED solutions.

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