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Hall of Flowers Heads to SoCal 

Hall of Flowers Ventura
Photos courtesy of Hall of Flowers

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Hall of Flowers Heads to SoCal 

With its inaugural Ventura location, the prominent two-day B2B cannabis buyers’ tradeshow shows no signs of slowing down.

After attending half a dozen Hall of Flowers trade shows in Northern California (Santa Rosa, to be exact), we can confidently attest that creating a SoCal version in Ventura was precisely what the event needed. Not only did it prove that it’s a must-attend, but it’s probably the best at bringing the industry together and validating the reason we’re all here—to celebrate cannabis and our culture.

From the moment you walk in through to the moment you leave, you don’t feel like you’re at a conference, but rather at a fun gathering of friends you haven’t seen in a while—and Ventura was no exception. As soon as attendees entered the gates, they were immediately welcomed by a pink train ready to take them where they needed to go (at least, if you don’t want to start from Hall A at the beginning).

Hall of Flowers Ventura train
All about the Hall of Flowers Ventura train.

A noticeable change in Ventura was approximately 98% fewer “Chads” in attendance. What is a Chad? As brilliantly defined by Mark Collins, a Chad is someone who works in finance and has a lot of money but is not really into the cannabis scene and doesn’t partake. They’re only involved because they have to be; it’s their job. It’s been overheard at previous events that Chads have made other tradeshows less enjoyable.

Corporate bros aside, there were other differences, too, starting with an emphasis on comfort, conversations, hydration—and consumption. This attention to attendee comfort is lacking from other trade shows. Many booths offered free water and there were ample filling stations for canteens. Hammocks and bean bag chairs were abundant as a place for a quick conversation or sesh.

Honoring the legacy market is a cornerstone of Hall of Flowers.

Community Spirit

Hall of Flowers has successfully created a trade show that’s enjoyable to attend. The event’s CEO, Dani Diamond, has proven that listening to the community is the recipe for success and credit must be given to the event’s flawless execution.

“We’ve listened to our brands and buyers, reviewed all feedback, and implemented changes to ensure Hall of Flowers maintains its dominance,” said Diamond. “The response has been incredible. The community wants a different kind of show and we’re proud to deliver that. Plus we are so proud to see that our brand is loved on both ends of California.”

Tammy Pettigrew aka the Cannabis Cutie with Shavo Odadjian from System of a Down

The shining light of Hall of Flowers is the focus on brands. It’s encouraging that California’s product innovation shows no signs of slowing. At every turn, a brand vied for attention to show how it was different from the last booth. One product that caught our attention was the in-demand self-care product line Now Melt by Santa Barbara-based farm Autumn Brands. Among the many products offered, the Hit the Reset Bath Salts really stood out. Bath salts are very popular for post-run recovery; as an avid runner, it was great to see a product like this on display.

“After taking a one-year hiatus from Hall of Flowers, we were delighted to be back, especially in Ventura, our backyard,” said Hanna Brand, co-founder and CSO at Autumn Brands. “We felt that our colorful booth really stood out and resonated well with Hall of Flowers attendees. We’re looking forward to future events.”

Hall of Flowers Ventura
Attendees carrying their swag home.

Celebrating Cannabis Culture

Art, music and culture were made to feel just as important as the brands—and their accompanying swag—at Hall of Flowers Ventura. The Prisoners Art Gallery curated paintings and pocketbook bags from incarcerated non-violent offenders. On the topic of culture, I’d be remiss if I didn’t shout about the activation that I noticed in Ventura: the podcast zone, a new area for podcasters and creators to record original content either pre-scheduled or on the fly; we had the chance to sit with Adam iLL and catch up about the magazine, the industry and all things new and fun at the show.

With almost a dozen shows successfully wrapped and Toronto, Canada lined up for June 4-5, Hall of Flowers has evolved from finding its place to becoming a must-attend event for anyone who wants to be discovered. We look forward to attending as the event continues to grow.

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