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Book Review: Green Buds and Hash, A Pot-Filled Parody


Book Review: Green Buds and Hash, A Pot-Filled Parody

Subversive? Certainly! But when this parody of the Dr. Seuss classic arrived at our headquarters, we were beyond amused. The book already has notoriety with an endorsement from the “Prince of Pot,” Canadian cannabis activist Marc Emery. Emery – who emerged from a four and a half year stint in U.S. prison last year to offer free dabs and bongloads to visitors at his Cannabis Culture headquarters – has recently been reading the parody to patrons.

Authored by Dana Larsen with art by Chip Crumb, “Green Buds and Hash” recreates the format of the children’s bookshelf staple “Green Eggs and Ham.” In the book Mister Stash, or Sam I Am, continually offers green buds and hash, which are unacceptable until the unnamed character learns about their medicinal benefit.

“Green Buds and Hash” is a fun read with a great lesson about cannabis’ medicinal properties and, in its hardbound format, looks very similar to the critically acclaimed and well-known classic.

Larsen, a Vancouver cannabis activist who spent 10 years as the editor of Emery’s Cannabis Culture Magazine, said the book has been criticized for normalizing marijuana use.

But, he says, “Marijuana use is normal and it needs to be normalized.”

Larsen is highly involved in the Vancouver cannabis community and is a founding director of the Vancouver Dispensary Society, an organization currently caught in a limbo as Vancouver attempts to regulate its dispensary system. Despite setbacks, he remains optimistic for new frontiers in cannabis.

“We’re seeing this cannabis revolution really rising,” he says, noting his belief that legalization on both sides of the border – Alaska and Washington state – mean Canada is closer than ever to legalizing adult-use marijuana.

Larsen’s book, which follows his previous Harry Potter parody “Hairy Pothead,” pushes for the acceptance of cannabis culture across all borders and age groups. A light-read with an important message, this book is great for all cannabis library collections.

What other cannabis books have you read lately? Share them with us in the comments.

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