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Book Review: Mary Jane


Book Review: Mary Jane

Author and activist Cheri Sicard has written a comprehensive guide that caters the growing number of women who enjoy and consume cannabis nationwide. Fashioned somewhat as a call to come out of the cannabis closet, “Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women” is a lifestyle directory that seeks dispel misinformation about the beloved plant and its loyal counterculture by offering a glimpse into the wonderful world of weed.

It covers a wide range of topics from cannabis basics like the differences between sativa and indica, how to roll a joint and how cannabinoids work to extracts, cultivating a thriving garden and cooking cannabis-infused meals.

The book is over 200 pages, divided into 17 chapters of advice, tips, factoids, images and how-tos, where readers can learn about how to throw cannabis tasting parties, how to make a smoking pipe of out fruits or vegetables and where to store their stash. It covers more serious points of interest as well, including how to get a career in the cannabis industry, the art of balancing mothering with marijuana and ways that people can be an advocate for the progression of cannabis — both personally and politically.

Even though most of the information is general, it seems to be better suited for an older crowd with minimal weed knowledge. Some parts of the book refer to things that are trendy amongst the “20-something set,” showing the perspective of the author as well as the audience that it’s intended for. Nevertheless, the publication is worthy and necessary in its own right and will definitely benefit the demographic it aims the serve, balanced by mentions of pop culture celebrities, impending student loans and even a quote from Rhianna.

This book is recommended for mothers who have always been curious about what they’re college-aged kids have been smoking, women who are following the rapid changes in legislation and waiting for their turn to have legal access and women who have always loved the sweet leaf but haven’t ever really researched deeper into the matter. It’s a light, informative and enjoyable read that women everywhere can appreciate.

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