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Book Review: The Medical Cannabis Guidebook


Book Review: The Medical Cannabis Guidebook

This book is a good resource for people with limited knowledge about cannabis from a medical perspective who are interested in taking their health and healing into their own hands.

Self-described as the definitive guide to using and growing medical marijuana, this book is designed to empower patients with information about how to treat their symptoms without the use of synthetic substances. It offers an in-depth look at cannabis from multiple angles from its history as an illegal substance and subsequent global prohibition to how it’s successfully grown and utilized by patients who need it.

The book also offers step-by-step instructions on how to produce commonly-used cannabis treatments like cannabutter, tinctures and oil but also includes directions for cannabis juice, topicals and edibles. There’s also an entire chapter on hemp nutrition that explores the roles of hemp seeds in traditional medicine while enlightening readers on the differences between the seed and the nut and how hemp can be used to treat ADHD and eczema.

The authors, Jeff Ditchfield and Mel Thomas, are also involved in the cannabis industry beyond just writing a book for others to enjoy. Ditchfield is an author, advocate and activist who has been lauded internationally for his research on cannabis and Thomas is a former cultivator who actively campaigns against cannabis prohibition. In fact, they are so deeply involved in the medical cannabis industry that whole cannabis plant extracts created by Ditchfield and Thomas were used in the extensive work of Professor Manuel Guzman of Complutense University in Madrid, Spain for his study on cancerous cells and tumors.

These pages contain a wealth of knowledge that can open the doors of understanding for both current and potential patients that would like more information beyond what they can find out from busy physicians or budtenders.

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