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Future AC Recycles Water for Indoor Cultivation

Future AC Water System
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Future AC Recycles Water for Indoor Cultivation

Future AC’s patent-pending technology allows cannabis cultivators of all sizes to recycle air-conditioning water for more sustainable grows.

With the Future AC Water System, indoor cultivators of all sizes can utilize condensate water for their plants, from personal use to commercial scale sites. Experienced indoor growers have been utilizing water recycling systems as a way to reduce their overhead costs and limit their reliance on city water—especially as many states face drought issues.

Future AC is a highly efficient water reclamation system built using modern air conditioning technology. The team at Future AC knows that reclaimed air-conditioning water, also called “condensate water,” has become the water of choice for indoor farming. The Future AC Water System was conceptualized and designed by Michael Molinar, who spent over a decade building and refining water, air-con and electricity systems for indoor grows. During this time, he honed his skills and developed a unique understanding of building optimum grow rooms of all sizes. 

Molinar says that once he started using recycled condensate water, he noticed a positive difference in his plants—and his operation.

“Once we started to use recycled water, everything growing became a lot easier and we had healthier crops,” Molinar says. “It became a way more efficient grow room.” 

Molinar’s instinctual knowledge and passion for improving systems led him to develop the patent-pending technology of Future AC, which allows homeowners and businesses to recycle air-conditioned water for filtered drinking water, emergency storage water, ice, home gardens, irrigation systems and more. 

Recycling condensate water

Built as an add-on device for residential and commercial air conditioners, Future AC upgrades your existing air conditioning system to an atmosphere water generator (AWG). This machine generates a sustainable and independent water supply from the moisture in the air by converting water vapor into liquid water. When this humid, warm air hits the refrigerated air on the coils of the system and the water vapor at the coils turns to liquid. Future AC and AWG systems operate on the same general principle: Cooling operations create water via condensation.

The condensation from air conditioner coils is safe to collect and use. That’s because, like the condensation that forms on a cool glass of iced tea or a can of soda on a hot summer day, it’s only condensed water collected from humidity in the atmosphere. While bacteria can grow on these coils, the UV treatment that’s built into Future AC water systems eliminates bacteria safely and without added chemicals.

Condensate water is essentially a fancy word for recycled water. It’s the liquid that forms when humid air comes into contact with cool surfaces. It’s frequently observed on the exteriors of windows and on plants raised in humid conditions. 

How Cannabis Plants Benefit From Recycled Water:

  1. Condensate Water Is Pure: Condensate water is pure and free of any impurities because it’s made from the air. Given that some plants are sensitive to certain chemicals contained in tap water, including chlorine, chloramine or chlorine dioxide, condensate water is a great supply of water for plants.
  2. Condensate Water Is Rich in Nutrients: Condensate water absorbs trace minerals and nutrients from the air as it develops. Cannabis plants can benefit from and be supported by these nutrients as they grow.
  3. Condensate Water Can Help Prevent Diseases: Condensate water can aid in the prevention of diseases that are frequently brought on by polluted water or overwatering by giving plants a consistent source of clean water.
  4. Condensate Water Can Save You Money: Your water bill can be lower, and you can use less water overall if you water plants with recycled water. 
Future AC Water System
The Future AC Water System offers sustainable cannabis cultivation.

Save Water, Save Money

We all know that we should be doing what we can to conserve water. After all, it’s our most precious resource. But what’s the solution? We can shower less, stop watering lawns, grow less cannabis—or we can collect and recycle air conditioning water into clean, filtered drinking water with a Future AC Water System.

“Our water system is the solar power of fresh water,” Molinar says. “As long you use your air-conditioner or dehumidifier, you’ll make fresh water.”

Depending on the capacity of the unit and the humidity in the air, most modern home air-conditioning units can produce from five to 25 gallons of water per day, and commercial units can produce up to 300 gallons per day. This results in big savings on your water bill.

Some homes, buildings and apartments have air-conditioning water sent to the waste drain. Depending on your state’s regulations, you could be responsible for paying for any wastewater leaving your premises. Utilizing condensate water that would otherwise be wasted presents an excellent opportunity for indoor cannabis cultivators to significantly reduce external water use, creating considerable savings on what could be a costly utility bill. 

As the saying goes, modern problems require modern solutions. Water shortage is a real and present threat and huge swaths of the US are parched. While droughts have been a somewhat persistent problem for Western states, now other parts of the country are also unusually dry. When you consider that 75% of Californians have an air-conditioner, tens of billions of water is being wasted that could be collected and recycled to help solve the water shortage problem. 

“I’m confident that the Future AC water system is the solution to the water shortage we have in our county,” Molinar says.

According to statistics from NIDIS, 33 states are currently experiencing moderate drought conditions and nearly 80 million people across America are affected by drought, so implementing more sustainable ways to cultivate cannabis makes sense. 

If you want to grow cannabis more sustainably, or you have an HVAC company looking to license the Future AC system to boost company sales, or you want to help ease the drought in your state, Future AC can help.

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