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Flow Kana Explores Art & Community at Cannabis Salon

Photo Amy Carr

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Flow Kana Explores Art & Community at Cannabis Salon

Flow Kana, “the world’s first farm-to-table cannabis brand,” has been making waves in San Francisco’s weed scene since the company launched early last year.

In addition to providing on-demand access to sungrown boutique cannabis sourced directly from farmers in the Emerald Triangle, Flow Kana hosts swanky pot parties where Bay Area patients mingle with the farmers who grow their medicine.

The most recent event took place at Merchants of Reality, a communal art workspace and gallery located in San Francisco’s SOMA district. Originally constructed as a boarding house after the 1906 earthquake, the historic building later became home to Anon Salon, where Burners and other bohemians reveled at wildly inventive underground parties.

Mendocino growers Nikki Lastreto and Swami Chaitanya reminisced about Anon Salon, sharing stories of crazy nights of yesteryear along with joints of Black Lime Reserve, Qleaner, and Swami Sativa. Nearby, Frenchy Cannoli, the official Hashishin for House of Aficionado, crafted temple balls of artisanal hash from Swami Select’s Black Lime Reserve and Qleaner. Representatives from VapeXhale stood by with EVO vaporizers, administering vapor hits of hash to eager guests.

The evening’s theme was “Flow,” and the resident artists at Merchants of Reality had created several interactive art exhibits exploring “a place where time stops, and the infinite flows through us like water.”

In one room, artists and guests painted on the walls. In another, a somatic healing artist performed bodywork sessions designed to restore balance and flow using touch, sound, smell, and intention. One room served as a “water bar,” where guests sipped from a curated selection of specially prepared waters while learning about the mystical molecular properties of H2O. Other installations incorporated photos, videos, books, light projection, and historical artifacts to illustrate various interpretations of “Flow.”

On stage, a trio of musicians played a mesmerizing mashup of world fusion music. A young woman wearing a flower crown proffered a tray of pre-rolled joints to those in the audience, and we gladly helped ourselves to some Cherry Lime from Aficionado.

According to Flow Kana cofounder Michael Steinmetz, these gatherings are intended to elevate the conversation around cannabis. By placing public cannabis consumption in a friendly and welcoming context, Flow Kana hopes to help reduce stigma and shift cultural attitudes about the plant.

Steinmetz’s wife Flavia Cassani elaborated, “We see cannabis as a tool to open our minds, be more creative, more empathetic, and more receptive. This is why we felt it was an absolute synergy to collaborate and leverage Merchants of Reality along with our farmers to create an environment of mental openness, emotional connection, and absolute Flow.”

As the party flowed through the art and the smoke flowed throughout the party, it was clear that Flow Kana’s “Night in Flow” was a roaring success. The diverse crowd, eclectic ambiance, and world-class cannabis coalesced to produce some exceptionally cool vibes.

Have you ever attended a cannabis-themed party? Tell us about it below.

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