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Floating Over the City of Angels

A nug of Bruce Banner floats among the branches of a Joshua Tree in Los Angeles.


Floating Over the City of Angels

Photos Jesse Hull

Floating Over the City of Angels

Photographer Jesse Hull takes surreal shots of cannabis hanging in mid-air.

“These are places where I grew up, hiking in the mountains, surfing down in Venice,” says photographer Jesse Hull about his suspended cannabis photos featuring backgrounds of iconic Los Angeles locales like the Santa Monica pier and Venice Boardwalk.

A small nug of Blue Dream floats over Venice beach in LA.

Place figures heavily into the native Californian’s imagery, encompassing the photographer’s favorite settings in his home town, and as a collection give an overall feel of the city. “Not so much the urban aspect,” he says, “but the more peaceful areas.”

A beautiful bud of OG Kush floats underneath the Hollywood sign.

California light also plays a key role in his photos with many of the images shot early in the morning with gentle eastern light bathing the buds in golden hues. “The light at dawn is a fresh and clear light, a purer light,” he says. “California light illuminates in a way no other sunlight does.”


An Earthy colored nug floats over Joshua Tree.

All of Hull’s photographs are shot on location and without superimposing images or effects. His peaceful, floating pot shots – which include L.A. staples like OG Kush, Green Crack and Grape Ape – are “an attempt to return to the natural beauty of the plant,” he says, “to reconnect it with the rhythm and order of nature, which is so often lost in cannabis imagery.”

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