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TV Roundup: 420 Edition

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TV Roundup: 420 Edition

Share the laughs and guilty pleasures of these TV shows with your sweetie.

Springtime doesn’t exactly scream TV. We’re too busy dusting off our cut-offs and blazing in the sun to bother with the boob-tube. Even the television networks are wise to winter’s couch-lock, aptly wrapping up their seasons with high expectations for us to follow the proverbial script: Spring = love! That said, most of us do tend to head indoors to knock boots. Clearly once you and your honey-bunny are done playing, it’s time to roll up a fat one, gather some munchies and snuggle up for a lil’ Netflix and chill.

Red Oaks
(Amazon Prime)

“Red Oaks” is perfect because, just like the ’80s films from which this series draws its inspiration, each episode has a character or plot twist for everyone. The characters are all pleasantly type-cast, from the nerd-turned-drug-dealer (don’t worry, he reforms to just pot after Season 1) to the artsy misunderstood rich girl, to the middle-aged divorcee exploring her sexuality — the fabulous Jennifer Grey, of ’80s fame, playing an undeniably classic (albeit bi-curious) TV mom. This skillfully written series is a safe bet for those who haven’t quite gauged their new boo’s television taste. With a bit of romance and lots of comedy — all spun in with plenty of drama suspense, drugs, crime, art and lifeguards — this new twist on a classic is guaranteed to keep us all entertained.

(Showtime, Hulu)

When Matt LeBlanc showed up in this hilarious comedy in 2011 (cunningly playing the most horrific version of himself), it was hard not to love him as much as we all loved the ’90s sandwich-obsessed “Friends” star. But after four seasons of this American meta-comedy written with as much British wit as a Ricky Gervais stand-up special, it’s clearly more than just the fabulous ensemble cast that made this show such a hit. After a two-year hiatus, “Episodes” finally returned this year for its final season, so brush up on past episodes and prepare to laugh so hard you’ll cry.

Master of None

Alan Yang and Aziz Ansari dig deep into their own experiences as minority men navigating their early 30s with a delicate poignancy that is hilariously relatable. This “comedy” series is so bitingly honest it’s hard not for viewers to experience the myriad of emotions our own lives evoke. In fact, it’s this very reality that has caused the now Emmy-winning duo to take such a long hiatus between seasons, explaining to fans that getting so real requires a long break before another go-around. But now it’s back — just in time for 420.

And since every good cannabis enthusiast’s list needs one good guilty pleasure…

Bravo Reality TV
Or more specifically absolutely any programming that heirs from The Real Housewives empire
(Bravo, Hulu)

Judge the sheer terribleness if you must, but here’s the thing; Andy Cohen’s carefully cultivated and strategically satirical “reality” is really funny. And if you don’t have a sense of humor about all the “pot-stirring” then enjoy a smoke first — or at the same time. God knows it’s better than the pharmaceutical way these ladies stand it.

TELL US, what shows are you watching?

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