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Editor’s Pick: Epic Vape

A wood grain Epic Vape and hand dial allows the cannaiseur to dial in exactly how much steam they want to inhale and look incredibly stylish while doing so.

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Editor’s Pick: Epic Vape

In the dizzying range of cannabis experiences available to Americans today, a hit from the Epic Vape resembles a glorious sip from a fine single malt scotch more than the uncouth keg-a-thon or the shackles of the hourly cigarette. It is meant to be savored. Dialed properly and kept clean, this unassuming and elegant electrical vaporizer can bring out the best of either flowers or concentrates. Flavors burst on the tongue.

Although the Epic’s analog voltage control contributes to a clean aesthetic, it also requires the cannabis connoisseur to exercise patience and nuance. The manual wheel dial can activate the built-in heating element up to temperature in under two minutes, but this is an experience which should not be rushed. Readers are advised to indulge the moment, dial the power down to 50 percent, and wait five minutes for the Epic to warm to the perfect temperature. Its intricate glass stem, woven with a delicate glass filter, hugs ground bud tight and fits snugly over the heating element. With gentle pulls over a fully heated screen, the Epic delivered some of the most delicious hits the Cannabis Now staff has ever tasted.

The fluted glass design also makes the Epic vulnerable to the perennial Achilles’ heel of vaporizer design, the build-up of burned oils inside tubes which can ruin the just-out-of-the-box taste vapers find so enchanting. Thoughtfully, the makers of the Epic have included a portable cleaner tube which can efficiently clean the glass tube with a few vigorous shakes of Effin Clean or another glass cleaner. Some just want to get high; but epicureans who want to attain the most exquisite heights cannabis has to offer should do themselves a favor and pick up an Epic Vape, clean it often and enjoy it oftener.

First appeared in Issue 8 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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