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Edibles Review: Cheeba Chews Caramel Hybrid

Photo courtesy Cheeba Chews


Edibles Review: Cheeba Chews Caramel Hybrid

If you’re looking for a balanced blend of indica and sativa effects, these creamy caramel chews provide the “best of both worlds”.

Those familiar with the bite-sized offerings from Cheeba Chews know these small caramels can deliver a heavy dose of THC. When the Cheeba Chews Deca Dose – containing 175 milligrams of THC – was sampled by one of our own, reports back bordered on psychedelic. The Extra Strength Caramel Hybrid Chew, containing 100 milligrams of THC, was also strong, but proved more manageable.

This small chew was consumed in its entirety over the course of a casual weekday evening. While the caramel can be broken apart into 20 milligram doses, its sticky consistency makes it easiest to enjoy in one sitting. With a slight hint of cannabis, the chew tastes mostly of the flavors associated with a non-medicated caramel candy and, because the caramel contains cannabis oil as opposed to cannabis-infused butter, its effects come on quickly. The hybrid nature of this particular selection resulted in an uplifting and inspiring high as the evening’s dinner offering took on new and creative direction.

The high from the chew lasted several hours and resulted in a deep restful sleep. These chews are potent, but not to the point of agitation and anxiety. They come on smooth and strong and are best for those seeking a combination of the inspirational and sedative effects cannabis can provide. The hybrid chew can assist in bringing about new thought patterns, but isn’t so intense that they will be soon forgotten making this edible a good choice for those in need of regular relief from day-to-day stress or pain.

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