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Berner’s Rolling Hempire

Berner Hempire Cannabis Now


Berner’s Rolling Hempire

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Berner’s Rolling Hempire

We go on tour with San Francisco rapper and marijuana mogul Berner, architect of the Girl Scout Cookies strain phenomenon.

Fresh off selling out the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on 420, California rapper and Girl Scout Cookies strain architect Berner took his new album “Hempire” to rabid fans across America this Summer. And the marijuana mogul is rolling in style. It can be exhausting managing the Cookies Clothing retail brand, the Hemp2o drink line, “Marijuana Mania” documentary series, plus press interviews and “The Best Thang Smokin’” tour. To keep healthy, rested and medicated on the long road, the 35-year-old performer rented and customized a $650,000, 2016 Prevost X3 Entertainer Coach.  Below, SF’s native son chats about the perks of running a mobile Hempire.

Cannabis Now: How’s the “Hempire” album doing?

Berner: Beyond my expectations. Our goal was 10,000 [units] in the first week, we did 10,883. We had 1.6 million streams on Spotify and Apple alone, not including Pandora or Tidal. The album is performing super-strong. It’s got me super-juiced.

What did you want to do differently on this tour?

I just went all out on my bus. I’m trying to ride on the same [coach] J-Lo rides on when she’s on the road. That’s the only difference — comfort. The whole thing trips me out. Sometimes it’s expensive to where it doesn’t make sense. But with all the stuff I got going on, I got to be comfortable when I move around.

How’d you trick out the bus?

Obviously the LED lights. They can change to any color. We knew we wanted some good vibes.

What else is in there?

Three little fridges. Four TVs, DVDs, 10 beds and a front office with two office chairs.

How do you stay entertained on 22-hour drives?

Movies and doobies. At truck stops they’ll have classic DVDs. Repeat offenders are definitely “Blood In Blood Out” — number one, for sure. “Goodfellas,” ‘Casino” and then “Forrest Gump.”

How do you avoid the 5-0 when you’re “The Best Thang Smokin’”?

We respect the laws where we’re going. Every state is different. We got Febreeze and carpet cleaner. Body spray. And we keep our stories straight.

Originally published in issue 21 of Cannabis Now. LEARN MORE

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