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Banned Buds Week: Candyland

Candyland Cannabis Now Magazine
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Banned Buds Week: Candyland

Oregon puts kibosh on Girl Scout Cookies, Charlotte’s Web, 18 other strain names that they say “appeal to children” – but only the names. We’re highlighting these strains in a series we call Banned Buds Week.

Sit back, relax and get ready to pleasantly blast off (in a mellow way) into a candy-coated euphoria with this sativa-dominant hybrid strain that embodies the best characteristics of its infamously potent parents — Ken Estes’ highly-regarded strains Granddaddy Purple and Bay Platinum Cookies, one the Yay Area’s most beloved strains.

At first glance, these super dense and compacted buds are slightly impressive. Generously dotted with sugary crystals and flecks of marigold hairs entwined throughout the nugs, Candyland takes about eight to nine weeks to flower to shimmering perfection and can be grown both indoors and outdoors before a plentiful harvest right around this time in the fall during the early part of October.

This strain is a quick-hitter that imparts a floaty-feeling high that sets in almost immediately. Though powerful, it’s not overwhelming. It’s an energizing, mood-boosting smoke that works well at the beginning of the day or during the day without interfering with productivity, social activities or motivation to get things done. However, it’s a strain that can also be enjoyed at anytime thanks to a satisfying buzz that settles in swiftly and levels out nicely without leaving you antsy or drained of energy due to good genes.

After a couple puffs, the gray clouds of a sour disposition will part and an easygoing lightheartedness will emerge. Candyland is uplifting and can help melt through irritability, improve your state of mind and brighten up your temperament. You won’t be a goofy, giggly mess but you may find it easier to crack a smile or share a laugh without lots of effort.

Like the name suggests, the strain has a vaguely sweet flavor accompanied by an undertone of fruity, berry-like notes with a hint of spice, but the smell is earthy and almost pungent though not unpleasant.

Candyland is more than just a superbly chill and balanced cerebral high. It is also great for soothing aching muscles, alleviating nasty migraines, easing anxiety and busting through stress. It also has some pain relieving properties and may be able to help mitigate discomfort.

Whether or not you were a fan of the classic 1949 children’s board game of the same name or know anything about the lost king of Candy Land, this strain should make the list of strains to try for smokers who want to inject a bit of playfulness into their smoke sesh or just want to feel carefree for a little while.

Have you ever brightened your mood with a puff of this sweet strain?

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