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5 Moments of Cannabis Indulgence That You Need Right Now

Moments of Indulgence Session Goods
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5 Moments of Cannabis Indulgence That You Need Right Now

Session Goods offers sleek glassware that functions as a statement piece in your home or as an accessory you’re proud to share with friends on-the-go. Dedicated to indulgence, the founders are serving up suggestions for moments of relaxation and satisfaction that are much needed given the current state of the world.

Whether it’s the bustle of juggling remote work and school, family stress or a never-ending to-do list, you deserve to take time for a mini break. Regardless of what’s going on in the world, there’s still a bubble bath, a walk in the park, or a Zen cleaning experience waiting for you. 

Unwind by pairing these rituals with the calming nature of the herb for some “me time.” With the exquisite look and feel of both the Session Bong and Session Pipe, your smoking rituals are about to get even better. 

Session Goods moments of indulgence

1. Have a Bubble Bath Bong Break

It’s been said that happiness is a long, hot bubble bath, and we completely agree. But we insist on adding some tokes of cannabis. Right after the tub is filled and that sound of rushing water is replaced with the sweet sizzling of shiny bubbles, make sure a bong and lighter are within reach before getting in. Practically an art piece, the Session Bong, with its tapered glass form and angled mouthpiece is the perfect pairing – just grab it from its place on the corner of the tub, where it sits sturdily on its silicone base, and bring it up your lips. Close your eyes, take a hit and exhale as all the tension in your body simply melts away.  

Session Goods

2. Go for a Post-Workday Stroll  

As many of us have been cooped up inside more than usual, going for a walk after a long day can be very therapeutic. Nothing is more centering than taking a puff of cannabis and getting away from all screens for at least 30 minutes.

As the sun makes its way to the west, slip an already packed Session Pipe onto your belt loop (it will stay intact within the attractive silicone casing), grab your essentials, and head out the door. The Session Pipe is very sleek and quite discreet within its casing, so you don’t have to worry about neighbors giving you weird looks along the way. As the sunlight filters through your neighborhood, find a decent spot to stop for a nice hit. Let the cannabis take you into your body and allow yourself to fully feel all the wonderful effects of taking a stroll. 

3. Invite Friends for a Socially Distanced Smoke 

Passing a pipe around a smoke circle of friends is one of the most classic smoking rituals. In the time of COVID-19, this cherished tradition has fallen by the wayside. As the months roll by, and we are still sheltering in place, that connection of the smoke circle has dwindled for many reasons. But there are ways to indulge in this timeless ritual safely.

Being outside is a must. Assuming your group is into the functionality and beauty of the Session Pipe, everyone can attach their pipe to their keyring, belt loop or backpack and head to a park, or one of your friend’s houses with a large backyard. It’s important to take part in something relaxing during these tough times, and being around people you care about is essential.

Replicating that ritual of friends gathering in a circle to enjoy cannabis is still possible! If you or a loved one has been feeling down, suggest a socially distanced smoke. 

4. Get Colorful With It

It’s no secret that some of the most influential artists and brightest thinkers of our time have cited cannabis as a major creative influence. Perhaps you’re one of these artists who enjoy elevating your mood and creativity by picking up a bong before you pick up your sketchbook. 

If you already have a Session Bong, grab some of their smoking accessories for an aesthetically good time. Session Goods provides interchangeable silicone bases, grommets and the tab that acts as the holder of the downstem in a variety of colors to add more fun to your smoke sesh – and perhaps even boost your creative output.

Once you take a hit from the bong with its celery colored silicone base, there are many reasons for green to be on the brain. As all the self-consciousness washes away, you grab an emerald green colored pencil and drag it up and down the page before you. You’re just goofing around, there’s no pressure to create – only to have fun. Next thing you know, there’s a detailed still life of the cactuses sitting in your window sill stretching up towards the sun sun. 

5. Get in the Clean Zone

The stoned person who gets really into cleaning is basically a trope at this point, which can be seen as a win for cannabis normalization since it directly opposes the lazy, messy stoner stereotype. It is 2020 after all – away with stereotypes, cannabis is for everyone!

For those who do love to get their clean on after partaking in some herb, what could be more therapeutic than cleaning the vessel that you cherish smoking from? If it’s one of Session Goods’ glass offerings, you will want to keep them shining, as they are likely to hold a prominent place in your home. You can take care of a gunk-filled bong with just a couple ingredients and some elbow grease. You’ll just need some salt, rubbing alcohol and a few minutes to shake your bong up like a maraca.

With Session’s silicone cleaning caps, the experience is even more satisfying. First, take your bong apart, pour out the dirty water and rinse thoroughly with fresh, warm water. Next, add a handful of salt to the empty bong, pour in some alcohol, plug the mouth opening with Session’s water-tight cleaning caps and proceed to shake, shake, shake until your bong looks brand new. After the bong dries, return it to its place on your coffee table or on the cabinet near your record player. Stack the caps (they nest neatly within one another) and put them away until the next time you need to indulge yourself in the act of cleaning.  

TELL US, which moment of indulgence is the most you?

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