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Fall Asleep Faster with Cannabidiol Life’s New CBN Oil

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Fall Asleep Faster with Cannabidiol Life’s New CBN Oil

Cannabidiol Life’s new CBN Oil is specially formulated to help people fall asleep faster. A natural sedative, CBN is a healthy way to enhance your wellness routine and wake up feeling rested and energized.

Between 50 and 70 million Americans report having difficulty falling asleep at night on a regular basis. Sleep treatments vary, from CPAP machines to sleeping pills and even surgery. But often, the best cure comes with a change in lifestyle and wellness routine. 

Cannabidiol Life, a wellness and education company dedicated to providing consumers with CBD education alongside high-quality cannabinoid products, recently released a CBN Oil, created with the intention of helping people fall asleep faster. 

CBN is short for Cannabinol and is one of 100+ known cannabinoids naturally found within cannabis and hemp plants. Recent CBN studies have indicated that it may be beneficial for sleep, thanks to its sedative side effects. 

Cannabidiol Life’s CBN Oil is the company’s first dedicated sleep product. While the research surrounding CBN is limited, Cannabidiol Life’s CEO Chris Visser explains the difference between CBN and CBD on a basic level. 

“Think of it as a side effect type deal,” Visser said. “CBD’s side effects are that it’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. CBN is sleep enhancing, and it enhances the side effects of any other cannabinoids that are present, like THC.”

According to Visser, studies performed on CBN show that it’s the most potent sedative of all the cannabinoids they’ve tested so far. CBD can help you stay asleep and get that important deep sleep needed in order to feel rested, but it doesn’t actually help you fall asleep any faster.

While one of CBN’s side effects is sleep-inducing, this doesn’t mean users can expect to drink a cup of coffee, take some CBN, and have no problem falling asleep. 

“It’s imperative for people to know that for any sleep product to work, you have to stop drinking caffeine 5-6 hours before you go to bed,” Visser said, adding that incorporating healthy habits is an important part of setting yourself up for a good night’s rest. 

CBN Night-Night Boosters

Cannabidiol Life’s new CBN Oil for sleep is quite possibly one of the strongest CBN oils for sale online, with 1,000 MG of total hemp extract (800MG of CBN and 200MG of CBD). As mentioned above, having a high CBN content enhances other cannabinoids, and this includes terpenes. 

Taking this into account, Cannabidiol Life collaborated with an herbalist to create the ambition-specific formula for their CBN Oil.  The new formula is made with a proprietary blend of all-natural, organic ingredients, including sedative herb extracts. Visser says they call this combination of ingredients “Nature’s Night-Night Boosters.”

The CBN Oil has a gorgeous golden hue and is made from a full-spectrum CBN distillate. It’s also homogenized perfectly with organic MCT oil, and the following hemp and herb extracts:

  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Extracted CBN Distillate
  • Full Spectrum Cherry Wine CBD-Rich Hemp Extract
  • Sedative Terpene Blend
  • Proprietary Blend of several sleep-promoting organic herb extract

Cannabidiol Life’s sleepy time formula is another example of how the company is always working to take their products a step further and uphold their mission of helping as many people as possible.  

“If you think about our mission, it’s people first – we’re trying to solve problems and issues through our all-natural product line,” Visser said.  “This CBN Oil holds true to our values and mission because we are trying to create the best product out there for anything someone could be dealing with.” 

While research is still limited around CBN, Cannabidiol Life is excited to enter this new frontier and be a part of the solution in helping people from all around the world fall asleep at night.  

“People who once hated cannabinoids and the plant are now coming around with the mindset that this could be good for me,” Visser said. “Just thinking about the possibility that we can help 50 million Americans is awesome to think about – with just one of our products.”

TELL US, how do you incorporate Hemp and THC into your bedtime routine?

A great natural way to get some extra sleep, Cannabidiol Life’s CBN Oil is packaged in 30mL bottles, perfect for at-home or on-the-go. Get yours today.  

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