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2017 Harvest Hype: The 5 Strains We’re Most Excited For

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2017 Harvest Hype: The 5 Strains We’re Most Excited For

The 2017 outdoor cannabis harvest has arrived and it’s filled with more exciting flower than ever.

Thanks to successful legalization efforts in four states last year, 50 million more Americans live in states where cannabis is now legal for adult recreational use. In one of those states (Nevada), you can even buy pot now! In all four of these states, as we try and move toward greater levels of sustainability while meeting the demand of the growing market, the outdoor harvest will be essential.

The most famous harvest of them all is well underway in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle. Starting last week, devastating fires ravaged Mendocino County and its southern neighbors in Napa and Sonoma, and since, a multitude of charities have emerged to support victims of the fire. But for those not affected by some of the worst fires California has ever seen, the harvest will continue. Farmers and an inbound wave of laborers known as “trimmigrants” will labor to cut, dry and manicure some of the finest sun-grown cannabis on the planet. Time is of the essence, as next month, intake will begin on the outdoor pot world championship, The Emerald Cup.

Many of the best cultivators in the world are dotted across the hilltops that house tens of thousands of growers. Each year, these faces-in-the-crowd push cannabis to its new high. The Emerald Triangle is always the epicenter of the newest strains and techniques, as skillsets developed there now thrive and command top dollar in America’s fastest growing industry.

Here are some the strains we’re excited about this 2017 cannabis harvest, and some of the amazing farmers growing them.

Banana Fig #8 – Fig Farms

Fresh off a win at the NorCal Cannabis Cup this past June, everyone can’t wait to see what Fig Farms drops this month. The Banana Fig #8 that came in first place will hopefully spread to the masses for their enjoyment this fall. Keep an eye out for the Purple Fig also, as it’s simply spectacular and currently one of the better purple cuts on the West Coast.

Banana Fig 8. In the natural light.

A post shared by Fig Farms™ (@fig.farms) on

False Teeth – Scorpion Hill Organics

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a prettier bud than False Teeth. While easy on the eye, its family history is also no joke. The Candyland x Grandpa’s Breath cross was produced by Dungeon Vault Genetics. Then, the phenotype seen below was hunted down by the folks at Scorpion Hill Organics. The pheno they hunted flowered in 70 days and they chopped it this week.

Sour Banana Sherbert – Fox Hollow Flora

Crockett Farm’s Sour Banana Sherbet collaboration with DNA Genetics has been a hit everywhere, but for one of the best cuts of it you’ll need to travel a bit further north to Oregon. Fox Hollow Flora has been crushing it with their version of the Banana Sherbet x AJ’s Sour Diesel cross. AJ’s Sour Diesel is, in fact, the original Sour Diesel according to many reputable cultivators. This gassier cousin of the famous Strawberry Banana is a can’t miss strain, and you can see its full story in the upcoming issue of Cannabis Now.

Goyard – Lionboldt Farms

Paris OG and Tanganimal Cookies have been making waves on the scene over the past 16 months, and now their offspring is poised to get on the hype train. Bred by Lionboldt Farms, Goyard’s family tree makes it easy to see why folks are excited to check this one out. The new strain is said to have a sweetness to it with a bit of a gassy note attached. The cut that is being grown out by Weed Without Limits looks to be a rock star.

Rozé – 3rd Generation Family

3rd Generation Family is well known for its world-beater Zkittlez that has crushed any and all competition, and Zkittlez’s most famous new offspring is no joke. If you can beat the rappers to it, get as much as you can. We’ll cover the full story behind Rozé later this year, exclusively in Cannabis Now Magazine.

New strain alert! #Roze #Strain #weed #420 #dank #BlurredCulture

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Best of luck to all this month in producing the best cannabis in the world!

TELL US, which strains are you excited for this harvest?

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